Harleen to not allow Meher enter Gill house, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler
Harleen to not allow Meher enter Gill house, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

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Episode begins with Meher gives medicine to Param. Seher asks him that if it’s paining a lot still. He says to her that he can’t participate in the match today. Kulwant comes there and says to him that she will treat him. Harleen tries to stop her. Sarab asks her to not worry. She asks him to consult the Doctor at least. Kulwant says to her that that’s not needed and treats Param’s sprain while talking to him. Param stands and runs saying her leg become fine completely. He asks Meher to bring his shoes.

Seher goes to bring juice for Param. Meher says to Param that she don’t have his shoes. Param says to her that she took his shoes with her. Sarab asks Servants to search Param’s shoes. Seher screams and everyone goes to her. They shocks seeing Param’s shoes in the refrigerator. Harleen scolds Meher for putting them in there. Sarab says to Kulwant that Meher keep forgetting the things since yesterday. She assures him saying that these are common in stress.

In the school, Students warm up before the football selection match. Yuvi notices Param and Karan’s behaviour towards each other and wonders what happened to them suddenly. Match begins and selectors gets impressed with Karan’s skills.

Meher hopes both of her son will get selected. Sarab hides something from her and she tries to see that but he refuse to show it to her. He asks her that what is she hiding from him. He says to her that she didn’t said ” I love you ” to him yet. She tells him that she would have said it if he won the match then and runs from there.

Later, Karan and Param talks about their match experience. Param and Karan argues with each other. Meher tells them to not fight inside the house. Harleen scolds Meher. Seher says to her brothers that because of them Harleen scolding Meher. Karan and Param asks Harleen to not scold Meher. Harleen says to them that she is sure that Param will be selected.

Sarab plans with Kids to surprise Meher. Meher wakes up and notices that Sarab is not beside her and goes out to search him. She gets surprised seeing the decorations in the lawn. Sarab hugs her from behind and wishes her. She asks him that why he is wishing her. He took it as joke and tells her to look at the sky.

She realises seeing the fireworks that it’s her and Sarab’s marriage anniversary ( Mile Ho Tum Humko song plays in the background). Kids, Harleen and Robbie also wishes them. Harleen asks Meher about her surprise. Sarab says to them that they should go for sleep because they need to celebrate tomorrow also. After some time, Sarab says to Meher that he knows that she forget their marriage anniversary and he can understand her. She apologize to him. He hugs her and consoles her. She says “I love you” to him. He asks her to kiss him. She agrees to kiss him tomorrow.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher locks Param inside the room and forgets about it completely.