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The episode begins with Meher says Arti met her and said about Tarkash’s abusive behaviour and asks her to tell the truth to everyone at least for her daughter Ritu. Tarkash asks Arti to say the truth in front of everyone without fearing about anything or anyone because it’s about his self respect now.

Arti says everything is lie and says she never met Meher before this party and didn’t complaint about Tarkash too and says her husband treats her well. Meher says she is proud that even though a mother failed to fight against wrong but today a daughter fought against wrong and says they asked proof to her so she will show proof. Ritu cries worrying about Arti. Meher plays a clip Param recorded and in that clip Ritu says she can’t talk to anyone if she did then Tarkash will beat Arti.

Param says Tarkash can’t beat Arti because that’s wrong and says his father never beats his mother. Yuvi says his father also never beats his mother. Ritu says her father beats her mother daily and he beats her too because he doesn’t likes it when she dances and asks them to not tell this to anyone because before coming to party he warned them to not tell the truth to anyone otherwise he will kill her and her mother. Param consoles Ritu and says his parents will protect her and her mother.

Sarab and others shocks seeing that clip. He moves towards Tarkash angrily and pushes him on Arti’s feet. He says men and women are equal and asks how dare Tarkash to behave like this with his wife and asks Arti to punish him. Tarkash apologize to Arti for hurting her and asks her to forgive him. She was about to forgive him. Meher mocks Arti for forgiving him just like that. She asks did he ever listened her pleads and says she is doing mistake again and tells her to recall how he used to beat her. Arti recalls everything.

Meher tells her to not stay silent at least for Ritu because he will repeat the same thing with her and asks can she witness all that. Arti slaps Tarkash. Gulwant taunts him. Arti says she doesn’t want to live with Tarkash. Sarab orders Security guards to handover Tarkash to Police. Arti tells Ritu that from now on no one will beat them because Sarab and Meher saved them and hugs her daughter. Sarab asks Arti to join his office and accepts that today he was wrong and Meher was right.

He says truth came out because of Meher’s effort and thanks her. He tries to convince Meher and apologize to her saying shayari. She smiles and everyone claps. Next day, she prays for her family’s happiness. Amrita calls Meher and praises her for taking stand for Arti and Ritu. She says she also got idea to start her work. While talking Meher feels dizzy and tells about it to Amrita. Amrita tells her to take care of her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher and Harleen argues over Param’s gift.