Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her
Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Sarabjit to run behind Meher to stop her

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Episode begins with Meher prays for her family’s happiness and asks God to give strength to stand by Sarab always. Sarab hears her prayer and prays that he wants Meher as his wife in his every birth. They wishes each other. Kids comes there and takes their parents blessings. Param says to them that today it’s double celebration. Meher gets confused hearing him. Seher says to her parents that today it’s their marriage anniversary and also Karan and Param’s match result will be out. Meher says she knows that both of her sons will be selected for football team.

Ginni tells Yuvi to ask money from Kulwant to pay for pizza. Yuvi asks Kulwant that if pizza will be available in anniversary party. She nods at him. He complaints about Ginni saying that she orders pizza everyday and puts the blame on himself. Kulwant snatches the pizza boxes from Ginni and returns it to delivery guy. She says to her family that no one can’t spend her money except Yuvi. She tells Ginni and Jeeto to spend their husband’s money only and asks them to get ready for Sarab and Meher’s anniversary party.

Kids says to Meher that they are going to play police and thief game and winner will get chance to first feed cake to Meher and Sarab. Meher says to them that if Param was police last week then today he is thief. Ginni hears that. Ginni laughs in front Robbie and Harleen and tells them that Meher made Param thief in game. Harleen decides to talk to Meher but Robbie stops her saying that it can spoil the celebration and she knows that how much Sarab is possessive for Meher.

Param asks Meher to help him to hide. She tells him to hide in one room and talks to someone then forgets that why she came there and locks the door from outside and leaves from there. Seher catches Yuvi and assuming him as Param. Karan says to Seher that they need to catch Param as soon as possible to win the game. Kulwant asks them about Param. Yuvi says to her that she saw him with Bittu and Ranna.

Meher talks to herself saying that her handmade cake will say “I love you” Sarab. Karan asks Meher about Param. She replies him saying that she don’t know. Param asks Meher to open the door. Bittu says to Kids that he didn’t saw Param.

Meher gets ready for party and Sarab praises her beauty and tries to kiss her but she stops him saying that door is open so anyone may come. They goes out hearing Harleen’s voice. Kulwant asks Kids to stop playing saying that party may start anytime. Karan says to her that they will come after completing the game. Meher asks about her Kids. Kulwant shows Kids saying that they are playing. Elders plays “Antakshari” and dances. Param feels suffocated and faints.

Episode ends.