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The episode begins with Sarab was flirting with Meher and Param interrupts them. Meher teaches Param about new year resolutions. Param asks what’s her new year resolutions. She says she will spend most of the time with her family. Param says he won’t throw milk in washbasin. Sarab, Meher gets surprised hearing him. He apologize to her and says he will listen Meher always and asks Sarab to tell about his new year resolutions.

Sarab says he doesn’t have any new year resolutions because he is perfect already so he need not to improve anything. Meher says he has to follow many new year resolutions and asks him to write whatever she is saying and she tells him to not stare her while driving. He opposes her.

Param tells them to not argue today otherwise they will fight whole year. Gulwant gives new year gift to Yuvi and tells Amrita and Ginni to do work today then only they will work whole year. Sarab says he will love Meher more than last year and won’t get angry on her and says he will sing to convince her and starts singing. Hearing that Meher and Param shocks and asks him to stop singing. Param runs from there. Harleen gives new year gift to Param.

Gulwant scolds Ginni for not stitching the dress properly. Ginni asks her to give new year gift. Gulwant gives the salwars to her and Amrita which she told them to stitch. Param tells Meher that Harleen gave tab to him. Meher says he already spends so much time watching TV and asks him to return the gift to Harleen saying it’s not his age to use tab. Harleen says Meher thinking too much and says she also cares about Param. Sarab says now Param is excited seeing tab later he will get bored with it.

Meher feels dizzy and faints. Doctor examines her and says she is weak and prescribes medicines. Sarab recalls how Meher suffered in that house and apologize to her saying he is responsible for her condition. She asks him to not blame himself. He says now he thinks he failed to take care of her and says she used to eat very less and did lot of works there. He tells her to take complete bed rest until she recovers completely. Harleen tells her to take rest and takes Param with her.

Meher gets worried about Param’s studies. Param was playing games in tab and skips his tuition with Harleen’s permission. Amrita gives her resume to Jagga and asks him to appoint her in account department. He asks how much she is expecting as salary. Sarab gives drinks and fruits to Meher.

Meher says few minutes back only she drank soup and says she doesn’t know that he will take care of her this much. Harleen gives burger to Param. Param stills plays in tab and says he is feeling like today it’s his birthday. Meher got to know that Param missed his tuitionĀ  and snatches the tab from him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher and Harleen argues over Param’s studies.