Choti Sarrdaarni aired on colors television is only few months old but already managed to garner the attention of the audience and is gaining appreciation. Let us review the highlights of last week.

Meher manages to escape the goons by shooting one of them in knee. Sarab is given third degree treatment by Attari police and still he refused to answer. One of the official is concerned as he is an influential person. His higher official however tells him he has his superior orders to beat him. A silhouette of a lady knows an Sirji scolds the goons for letting away Meher and instruct them to kill her. Harleen tells the press conference that Sarab is innocent and he will not resign his president post. She will insist on his innocence as there is no proof of his guilt. Kulwant and his sons come and misbehaves. Kulwant burns Sarab’s banner and threaten to burn herself if Sarab was not dismissed from his post. Harleen resign on Sarab’s behalf and tells her as per their investigation they found Sarab has bought a house in Serbia and Meher’s things were found there. She will tell Kulwant she wont forget this.

Sarab’s lawyer will tell Harleen their case is weak. Dolly tells them Meher must have a boyfriend and Sarab might have settled them in Serbia. Lawyer tells them proving Meher has an extramarital affair is the only way to win the case. Harley reluctantly agrees. Meher manages to get money and call the landline number. Robby picks it and pretends not to hear. He disconnects and gives her location to goons.

The lawyer meets Sarab and ask him to sign the papers. Sarab gets angry on reading the content and sends the lawyer away. He request Harleen to meet Kulwant and apologize on his behalf. The goons find Meher in the police booth and chase her with guns. She managed to hit them and hearing police siren they run away. Meher throws a stone on Police officer deliberately and surrenders. The Serbia police enquire about her papers. Meher begs the Sardarji incharge to send her back to Amritsar. Feeling sorry for her, he instructs the officers to send her back.

Harleen, Robby and Param go to Kulwant house and sees that they are holding a funeral for Meher. Param asks Kulwant to remove the garland from Meher’s photo. Kulwant angrily tells him she is no longer his nani and insults Harleen and Robby. Jagga lifts Param and he whisper something to Jagga.

Meher reaches India while the goons wait for her outside the airport. Jagga disguises himself as Attari police and takes Meher in his custody. Sarab is meanwhile taken to the court where the proceedings begin. Flashback shows Meher called Param and instructed him to tell Jagga to pick her from airport. Jagga is happy to see her alive and Meher tells him she should reach court to save Sarab.

The goons follow Jagga and Meher who escaped in bike. They surround them and message Robby who was sitting in court. Robby tells them to kill Meher. Jagga fights the goons. In court Judge tells Sarab that his silence can go against him but Sarab tells her he has nothing to say. The court recess for lunch before giving final verdict.

Harleen and lawyer tells Sarab to speak up. Sarab refuses and tells Harleen that he has transferred all his property in Param’s name and she and Dolly will be his trustees until he turns 18. Robby takes aside Harleen and complain how Sarab can transfer all in Param’s name and what about her share. Harleen scolds him. Jagga is shot by the goons as they escaped in bike once again. His bike skids and he and Meher falls down. The goons video call Robby and drives the car towards Jagga and Meher to kill them. However Meher hits the car with a rod and the car hits the tree nearby. They reach the court and Jagga asks her to run to the courtroom as two more goons disguised as lawyers stop them.

The judge was about to give the final verdict. Meher is hounded by press outside and she struggles to go in. Judge is informed about Meher. Param rushes to Meher and ask her not to go away again. Kulwant and family is delighted to see her alive. Sarab’s case is dismissed and he and Meher share an emotional moment where he wipes of her tears. Kulwant hugs her and apologize to Sarab. Harleen and Dolly remain unmoved with Kulwant’s apology to them.

Later at home Meher narrates what happened in Serbia to Sarab. He wonders who wanted to kill her and frame him. Meher asks Sarab if she can permanently stay here as Param’s Meher Mumma alone. Sarab leaves without giving her an answer. Next day police officer investigates everyone at Sarab house and tells them goons are caught and with a narco test they will find out the person behind this. Robby gets nervous. Jeeto’s parents comes to visit Kulwant who insults and sends them away. Bittu angrily tells her to divide property into 4 and give is share. Kulwant is shocked. Sarab asks Meher to get ready and she will get his answer once they reach destination.

It will be interesting to watch what Kulwant is going to do and what will Sarab decide. Until then stay tuned for more updates.