In the upcoming episode of Colors television one of the popular show Choti Sarrdaarni,The doctor will ask Sarab to decide whom he wants to save as there are complications.She will state that they can either save baby or Meher. Sarab will tell her he can’t decide and will go to Meher’s room. Meher will ask him what happened to her and Sarab will tell her that she saved him from accidentally being hit by a car in reverse and got hurt herself after pushing him away.Meher will tell Sarab that nothing should happen to the baby. Sarab will lie that they are both fine.

Flashback will be shown in which Peri will kidnap Meher at gun point from her house and take her in his car.Peri will plan to get Sarab to bring Ginny in return for Meher. However Peri will be shocked to find Sarab in driver seat ,driving his car.Peri will try to shoot Meher but will find out that Sarab has taken the bullets out. Sarab will then leave Peri in the middle of jungle and drives off with Meher. Sarab will assure Meher that nothing will happen to her when he is there and anticipate another threat from Sandhu family the next day.

Sarab will be pulled out of flashback when Nurse hand him the papers to sign and specify whose life he wish to choose. Sarab will be in an emotional turmoil over whom to choose.

To know more keep watching the show and stay tuned.