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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni’s Seher’s birthday episode made Gills, Dhillons as well as viewers emotional. But Raajan’s sudden entry in Gill Mansion brought new trouble for Gills and Sandhya. Now, it seems Meher’s entry is near and it will be interesting to see how Meher will save Sarabjit.

In the last episode, Sarab was seen near the same hospital where Meher is admitted. He felt Meher near him. Sandhya cries recalling media’s accusations at her and Sarab.

Harleen accused Sandhya of creating problem for Gills. Sarab stopped Sandhya from going anywhere. Sarab asked Harleen if he threw Sandhya out and something happens to her. Harleen doesn’t understand and still asked Sandhya to leave. Sarab requested Sandhya to not leave.

Other side, Meher’s doctor saw response in Meher and decided to shift her in City Life hospital Amritsar. Kulwant decided to see towards People accusing Sarab. Ranna denied Bittu’s help in business.

Kids got shocked hearing that Sarab killed Meher on news channel. Before they could hear the reason of Meher’s murder Harleen switched off TV. Harleen and Sandhya tried calming the kids. Sandhya once again pretended talking to Meher and told kids media is lying.

Sarab broke down seeing his kids condition. Harleen tried calming and motivating Sarab. Seher asked Sandhya why is he sad. Seher made Sandhya smile with Meher’s method. Jeeto and Yuvi taunted Bittu making him angry. Bittu decided to snatch Ranna’s responsibility.

Other side, lawyers told that they could make him win the case if they prove that Meher died in the accident. Sarab got angry and told everyone that Meher is alive. Sarab made his kids sleep. Meher got shifted to Amritsar hospital in Punjab Dal’s Ambulance service.

In the upcoming episode, Sandhya will go with a Gun to Raajan. Raajan with his goons will follow Sandhya. Robbie will inform about the same to Sarab. He will also tell Sarab that Raajan chased Sandhya to city Life hospital.

Will Sarabjit get out this mess created by Raajan? How will Sarabjit stop Sandhya from shooting Raajan? Who will reach Meher first?

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