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Colors popular show Choti Sarrdaarni is witnessing reunion track of Meher, Sarabjit and their kids. In the upcoming episodes, it will be worth to watch how Meher will save her family from Kulwant and marriage from Harleen.

In the current track, Seher got emotional seeing Sarab and recalled what all she imagined about her father and touched him to feel his presence. Sarab got know to about Seher’s wish to see him walk like a king and he fulfilled it.

Doctor called Harleen to inform her that Sarab may face some side effects in some time. He asked her take care of him and make sure he gets complete bed rest. He also told her to not give any mental or physical stress to Sarab.

Harleen got angry seeing Sarab waling and scold him to take rest. Harleen taunted Meher too and left. Harleen even stopped Samira from leaving by making her emotional. She also blamed Meher for all problems in Sarab’s life and asked help from Samaira.

Samaira, Meher and Sarab talked to each other. Samira and Meher opened Sarab’s secrets in front of each other. Samira left emotionally hurt seeing Sarab flirting with Meher. Meher fed Sarab medicines and both of them got involved into romance and Shayari’s.

Next day Meher woke up and went to kids room after kissing Sarab. She got emotionally seeing kids sleeping together happily. She heard Kulwant’s scream and went out of the house to confront her.  

Kulwant made Meher angry by saying that she will see her husband and kids dead body soon. Meher warned her to leave from there. Kulwant refused go anywhere and asked what Meher will do. Samaira asked Meher what’s happening. Harleen taunted Meher and said this is why she asked her to leave the house. Meher threw chili powder on Kulwant and other ladies. Everyone ran from there expect Kulwant. Meher got worried for Kulwant but she left from there.

In the episodes ahead Meher will be seen making something for Sarab and Kids. She will ask servant that ingredients place got changed in 5 years. Harleen will again taunt Meher saying that many things changed in 5 years in the kitchen and even in Sarab’s life. Meher will give her a stern reply saying that changing things place cannot change the taste of dishes made by her. Sarab and her kids love the taste of dishes made by her.

As per information from sources, Seher will start going to school with her brothers Param and Karan. If sources are to be believed Yuvi will be studying in same school as Gill Siblings. Sources also informed that Yuvleen Kaur aka Jeeto has returned to the shoot.

Will Yuvi create problems for Gill Siblings in school? What will be Kulwant and Harleen’s next step to trouble Meher?

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