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The episode starts with Aditi saying Vikram that it’s someone’s barsi here and the good thing is that Sarab wants him to come to his office. Vikram gets happy over that and agrees to come. He asks whose barsi it is but she cuts the call.

Harleen says that their father is such a good person and don’t know why he made another family. Sarab agrees and but asks why did he keep the family away. Harleen reveals that it’s because of Dadaji who’s against his another family.

She says that he forced father to leave his another family and drove them away Amritsar. She says that father had only one death wish and that’s to keep them happy. Sarab gets into thinking.

Bittu and Rana wakes up Kulwant and says that they should be happy as Manav is alive and they won’t get arrested for his murder. Kulwant reminds them that they would still be arrested for attempt to murder and asks them to keep quite.

She worries for Meher to blurt out anything and decides to call her. Param says Aditi that he’s angry at Lalita ji as she broke the tasty pump she gave. Aditi recalls Lalita texting her and asks him not to worry.

She says that she will give another one. Kulwant calls Meher but Param picks the call. Kulwant in tension shouts to Param thinking him to be Meher and says that Manav is alive. Aditi hears it and gets shocked. Kulwant asks Param to asks Meher Mumma to call her after she finished her meeting.

Vikram’s servant calls him and says that he lied to the people who came from Punjab just as he said and Vikram praises him. He says in order to bring out the truth they need to take the path of lies at times. He says that the woman will definitely visit him tonight considering him to be Manav. He says its his plan to reveal his Delhi address and let Bittu and Rane in via window. He waits to see their reaction.

Vikram searches for the script and finds Aditi’s photo written “his lovely guddi”. Harleen to reveals her name to be Guddi and shows him another photo of where she has a mole behind her neck.

Sarab decides to fulfil his father’s wish by finding Guddi. He wants to give her the family identity. In the meantime Aditi speaks with her father’s photo saying that she has nothing against him but she’ll never forgive Sarab and Harleen. She says that if it isn’t for them her mother would’ve been alive by now. Harleen says the same to Sarab about Guddi’s mother dead and blames herself for it. Sarab asks her not to think so.

They both motivate each other and Aditi self motivates her. She says she misses him and his father’s every word is etched in her heart. She says she’ll bear seeing Harleen and Sarab till she gets revenge for her mother and will spoil their life.

Kulwant waits for someone to pick the call but none does. Aditi asks for Harleen but Meher says she’s busy. Aditi asks if he ever acted before and Sarab says he knows. Meher taunts him and Sarab challenges her that he can.

Meher asks him to prove it. Kulwant worries for getting caught. Sarab acts in front of Meher and she laughs. He acts romantic and Meher acts with him without her knowledge too confessing her love.