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Episode begins with doctor telling Meher that if Sarab doesn’t come to sense then. Meher says Then what? Doctor says then there is a chance of 99 percent that Sarab will go to Coma. Meher is shocked and cries. Meher then sits and prays for Sarab’s health. She remembers how Sarab has always saved her and how they have spent so amazing time together. Meher prays for Sarab’s health, Param also prays to god.

Meher gets a call from Manav. Manav says the culprit is not easy to catch. Meher says so now what? Manav says I have come up with a plan. Which is muted. Then on television, news is telecasted which reveals how everyone is praying for Sarab’s recovery.

Amrita asks Meher what will happen with this? Meher thinks of the flashback where Manav tells her to telecast this and also that Sarab will be coming to senses tonight and the culprit will be revealed then the culprit will for sure come and we will catch the culprit. Meher says then it will be more dangerous for Sarab. Manav says I will make my officers in civil dress in hospital, nothing will happen to Sarab.

 Meher is still not sure. Manav says trust me Meher I won’t let anything to happen to anyone. Meher agrees. Flashback ends. The news channel announces that the culprit will be caught by tonight. Robby is watching the news and is surprised. The tv is then switched off by Manav. Robby says I know why you are here, I will tell the reason of my finger print on the gun. Robby says I was doing betting and lost some money, so to get saved from there I took the gun to sell it and get money but I was scared of Sarab so I kept it.

 Manav smiles and says as expected. Manav is about to go, he gets a call from his mom who says are you okay? Manav says yes. His mom says I heard in news Sarab’s culprit will be caught, is it true? Manav says yes, have your medicines. His mom takes her medicine.

Bittu and Rana come to Kulwant who is sitting with a gun. They both ask her what is going on in her mind. Kulwant just gives a smile. At hospital, Manav is arranging all his staff at position. He gets a call from Suryapratap saying his mom is not well and she needs him and Aditi with her. Manav asks what happen but Suryapratap couldn’t answer as the phone gets disconnected.

 Manav goes to Meher, he says how Suryapratap has called him home as her mom is not well. Meher says what happen? Manav says dad has not said that, Aditi has left and now I need to leave too. Meher says but the plan. Manav says don’t worry a set of doctors and my officers are working together and keeping an eye on Sarab.

 Manav asks Meher not to worry and if any problem happens to call him. He leaves. All the officers are keeping an eye but suddenly someone cuts of the power. Amrita panics and asks nurse Sarab is in ICU and the electricity. Nurse says don’t worry there is power back up for ICU. Everyone panics. Meher also panics and calls for help. The light of ICU also goes. Someone in black suit enters the room and locks the door.

Meher is calling Manav but then senses a rod behind her. She ducks when she is about to get hit from the rod. She then defends herself and Sarab. The culprit pushes Meher and she hits her head in Sofa. The culprit takes out the oxygen pipe and saline from Sarab. Meher makes the culprit trip and she gets up and fights back.

Meher makes Sarab wear the oxygen pipe. Here a nurse calls Manav to inform him the situation but the network is not clear. Manav then calls his officer who is not in sense. Manav decides to go back from half way. He goes and rushes all the way up. Meher fights with a knife but the killer is about to kill her with it instead.

Sarab comes to senses and holds the culorit’s hand to save Meher. Culprit then chokes Sarab from his neck. Meher is pushed and hits her head again and is helpless. Meher calls for help. Manav tries to break into the room by breaking the door. Finally he is successfully and grabs the culprit and fights with him. He is about to reveal the culprit. Sarab says it is Suryapratap Deewan. Manav is shocked and so is Meher. Manav takes out the mask and is shocked to see Suryapratap. Suryapratap is silent. Everyone looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Suryapratap says please keep the promise you made to me and consider it my last wish and he goes and jumps off the window. Manav goes to window and is about to fall but Meher catches him. Everyone is shocked.