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Today’s episode begins with Sarab, Param seeing an unconscious Meher on the floor and runs towards her in shock. Harleen, Robby comes and are shocked. Harleen sees Lalitha standing there looking nervous. Harleen shouts at her for just standing there. Lalitha says the baby was crying. Sarab calls Aditi and tells her about Meher’s condition. Aditi asks if Meher went outside or had any outside food. Sarab tells her about Meher going to school for which Aditi scold him for taking such a big risk. She asks to speak to Lalitha. He puts it on speaker and Aditi says its all because of her irresponsibility. Everyone looks shocked at Lalitha. Lalitha cleverly hints to Aditi that she is unable to hear clearly as the phone is on Speaker. Aditi quickly lies that she was scolding Bheem Singh for being irresponsible and losing her important file. She then tells Lalitha to give an injection and check for Meher’s pulse. She tells Sarab not to worry when he tells her that Meher is remaining consciousness. She tells him that Meher might vomit a couple of times but she will be alright. He thanks Aditi saying she is a Godsend. Aditi says take care and disconnect the phone. She looks at Gill Mansion entrance and says only time will tell if she is God send or a Yamraj. Bheem asks why she always comes and sees this house without entering it and she infact had a good excuse today but still didn’t go inside.  Aditi asks him to drive.

Meher opens her eyes. Everyone is relieved. Sarab has tears in eyes as he fondly recollects his moments with her. Jeeto looks at the plate Ginny ate food and comments that she has cleaned it completely. Amrita tells Kulwant that Ginny is neither scared of her scolding or her stares. She says that by seeing Ginny, Yuvi is going to be more spoiled. Someone knocks on the door and Jeeto tells her someone is knocking. Kulwant scolds her and asks her to open the door. Kulwant says she ended up with this kind of daughter in laws. She says first one is Harichandra, Second is a fool and third is a bhukkad. She wonders what to do with this Hathni. Jeeto shouts asking Kulwant to come out. Bittu stands there in doorstep with police and two persons. Police tells Kulwant that Bittu got into a fight and had beaten these guys. Police threaten to file case against him. Kulwant request the police to leave him. Inspector tells her that the guys who got beaten up is demanding 25, 000 for not filing case. Kulwant is shocked but gives the money to the guys. Inspector tells Bittu that next time beat in such a way that there is no proof at the sametime they are left being insulted. Ginny asks Bittu if all is okay and Bittu says yes. Kulwant thinks about what inspector said and plans to use against Ginny.

Sarab feeds Meher food. Meher refuses to eat more and Sarab scolds her and makes her eat. He asks what is the need foe get to go to school while she is still recovering from surgery. Param comes and asks why is he scolding his mumma. Sarab asks him to shut up as its all his fault that he demanded samosa. Param starts crying. Harleen comes and asks what happened. Param says that his father scolded him saying its his fault that Meher mumma fell ill. Harleen takes him with her. Meher asks Sarab to console him but Sarab says that Param would be angry now and he will pacify him later with a gift.

Harleen tells Sarab that he is not reason for Meher’s illness but the baby is. She says that ever since the baby came all are scolding her Param. She finds Robby looking at a phone. He tells her its sister Lalitha’s phone and he took it when it was lying on a desk. Harleen scolds him not to behave like Kulwant and tells him they have standard and dignity. She asks him to keep it back. Yuvi remains quiet and Amrita asks why is he so quiet today. Kulwant says he might be missing his father and tells Amrita that she is missing Jagga too. Amrita tells her that Jagga called and said he will be staying in Lucknow for few more days. Kulwant tells Yuvi to become like his hardworking father and always listen to his dadi. Yuvi tells Kulwant he needs a new mom as he don’t want this one. He tells her that she didn’t give money for Samosa nor makes his favorite food. Amrita asks when has she never made his favorite food. Yuvi tells her that even Param wanted to eat samosa today and Meher bua brought it from home for him. He gives her an ultimatum of making him samosa tonight or she can forget she had a son. He leaves angrily and Kulwant laughs saying he is like her.

Aditi is looking at some pictures of the house and silently crying. Meher calls Aditi and thanks her for saving her. She invites Aditi for their Baby’s naamkaaran. Aditi says that she cant come to that house. Then realising what she said, she says that she has 3 back to back surgery so won’t be able to come. Meher asks her to atheist try and come for 5 mins as they will all be happy. Aditi says she will try. Meher thanks her and says they will wait. Sarab closes her eyes from behind and Meher says Sarabji. Sarab asks how did she know it was him. Meher says because only Lion has the guts to face a lioness and another thing is his smell. Sarab is pleased and asks if she started recognizing his scent. Meher says not spent but his yucky sweat smell. Sarab says that he will get back at her for Insulting him but for now asks her to come with him.

Sarab takes her to their room closing her eyes. Meher is pleasantly surprised to see a baby cradle. Param comes from underneath it and thanks Sarab for giving him this gift. Meher and Sarab are stunned as Param refuse to accept its for baby and demands to sleep on the cradle from now on. Meher tells Sarab that his plan of sleeping with Param in between them while making the baby sleep on cradle has failed. She says that now they will just sleep with the baby between them and hugging him close. Param immediately says he wants to sleep with them and baby can sleep in the cradle. Servant says dinner is ready. Param ask baby to come with them. Meher and Sarab tell him that baby can’t eat as he did not have teeth yet. Param asks Sarab to go to market to buy teeth for baby. They both laugh and tell him that babies will get teeth on their own as they grow up just like he did. Param continue to speak to baby. When he was about to touch , baby starts crying and Sarab scold him for touching him and making him cry. Param says he cried deliberately as he didn’t even touch him. He stares at baby and Sarab and says that baby is acting.

Precap- Param talks to a crying baby. He lifts the baby from cradle , his feet touches a roller skates and he falls down as the baby is up in the air. Sarab and Meher scream for Param and are shell shocked when baby lands on the ground.