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Episode starts with Manav, his mom and Aditi seeing Suryapratap’s dead body and they cry. Mom falls down and cries and hugs Surya. She tries to wake him up. Manav is sad seeing her this phase and tries to handle her. Mom says why did this happen, what will I do without him, I will also die. Manav says don’t say like this. Aditi is also crying.


Here, Kulwant is dressed in white, Bittu and Rana ask her where she is going. Kulwant says Suryapratap is dead, to his funeral. Bittu and Rana are surprised. Kulwant asks them to get ready too. Kulwant says I find something is fishy. Bittu says that he fell from 6th floor? Kulwant says no, what was he doing at hospital so late at night. Bittu and Rana also wonder. Rana says now Sarab is awake, he will arrest us all. Bittu says in this time how can you go to a funeral. Kulwant says I am going for a plan only, to make this arrest go away. Amrita comes and they all go.


At funeral, everyone is in white attire, and crying and are sad. Aditi is giving support to Manav’s mom. Kulwant comes. Bittu, Rana and Amrita go and sit. Kulwant stands and over reacts and says ohh this good man how can god do this to him? Why god why?, Such a big personality and such a kind man, he helped so many and no one could help him, this is unfair god, why did this had to happen. Amrita asks Kulwant to sit. Kulwant says how can I stay silent and sit when such a great personality the brigadier died, I feel very bad for Vikram’s mom she has to see this so unexpectedly.

Vikram’s mom cries. Kulwant says please god don’t do this to good people and that too unexpectedly. She goes to Vikram’s mom and says how can god do this? That too tomorrow is karwachauth and today you became a widow, that’s not fair. Vikram’s mom cries vigorously. Kukwant then says how can he fall from 6th floor room just like this, I feel there is something more suspicious.

Manav remembers how Suryapratap in the end said that it’s his last wish not to reveal the reason of death to anyone. Manav cries. Manav says Kulwant I need to talk to you. They go to a corner and talk. Manav says what do you want? Why are you doing all this? Kulwant says I was showing my condolences. Manav says I know you so tell me.

Kulwant says Sarab is awake now, he will send me and my sons to jail for Manav’s murder, of police asks us in our defence we will say Manav is alive and it’s Vikram deewan only, they will do investigation and then the truth will be out, your mom being a heart patient won’t be able to take on two heart breaks at once but don’t worry you have time to tell her yourself.

Manav says you are a dirty human being, at a time like this also you are thinking about your benefit. Kulwant says for my life I can take someone else’s life too, this is nothing. Manav says what do you want? Kulwant says prevent us from getting arrested, then I will not say this to anyone. Manav looks on.

Kulwant goes to Vikram’s mom and says don’t worry, at these time ojr children become are source of happiness, when my husband died my children were the only reason for me to live. Mom nods. Kulwant says your son is the sign of Suryapratap and has his blood, it will always give you presence of Suryapratap, your son will always take care of you without any failure I know. Kulwant does this to make Manav realise how necessary it is to hide the truth. Kulwant then leaves. Outside, Kulwant slaps the brothers and says to Bittu and Rana how could you both do so much overacting and cry like your own father had died, we could have get caught. Kulwant asks them to buy sweets. Bittu and Rana are surprised.

Here, Param is making Karan stop crying, Meher video calls Param. Param says where is papa. Meher shows a sleeping Param. Param says who loves you the most, Meher says Param and Karan. Param asks who loves us the most, Meher mumma and papa. They talk how due to god’s blessing Sarab is fine now. Meher says I so want to kiss you both. Param says then do. Meher says but how we are so far from each other. Param says so what Sarab also used to do.

Meher says what? Param says when you went to nani’s house. Flashback starts, Sarab tells Param he misses Meher so much and says so as she is far that’s why we can give her kisses like this. Sarab starts kissing Param on both cheeks, once saying for Param once for Meher. Flashback ends. Param says he kissed like 100 times. Meher laughs. Param says yes so start. Meher is about to kiss Sarab but he gets up. Meher goes back. Nurse also comes. Sarab says what happened. Meher says nothing. Meher ends the call.

Here, Kulwant and Bittu Rana come to hospital with sweets. Kulwant says to cry and pretend in front of Sarab and says tell your wives are pregnant. Bittu says but how in real. Kulwant says just act as he loves kids. They go in and greet Sarab and Sarab orders the police there to arrest them. They three request and ask Meher for forgiveness but all their plans fail. Bittu and Rana also say they are going to become a dad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kulwant and the two sons are going with Police. Kulwant tells Police to call their relative, Vikram Deewan. Manav tells police that tell her my call is out of network area. Kulwant is shocked.