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Episode begins with Sarab telling Meher he feels like going home now. Nurse comes and Sarab says please tell doctor to talk to me as I want to get discharged. Nurse says we all female nurses don’t want you to go only as you are so handsome, everyday we fight over who will put you injection. Nurse laughs and go.

Sarab tells Meher, see Meher how everyone loves me. Meher just smiles. She is cuting the fruits and they are discussing how they miss the kids. Meher says I want to hug and kiss the kids. Sarab says I have a solution for that kiss me thinking of Karan and I will kiss you thinking of Param. Meher says don’t be over romantic, I know your plans.

Sarab says hasn’t Param told you on video call. Meher says stop it now. They both laugh. Meher says I will call them and see what the kids are doing. Just when Meher is about to call them, Kulwant comes in with a Boquet. Meher and Sarab are surprised to see her.

Kulwant says I told you that I did my breakfast yesterday in my house today I will do too, but for a change I will do with you two. She gives a box of gobi ka parotha and achchaar to them. Sarab says it is impossible. Kulwants says no Jail is made to make me it’s prisoner. Sarab says Meher call the SHO.

Kulwant says CBI officer, Vikram Deewan himself let me out. Meher and Sarab are surprised. Saran says Vikram but why? Kulwant says he was investigating on this case from so long and he saw that Manav is alive and lives in Banaras then why will he arrest me. Kulwant then shows a video of Manav working in a dhabba saying he is Manav. Sarab says it is not possible, it can be pre recorded.

Kulwant says this is what Vikram found so what is there to proof further. Sarab says I knew that you would do something to stay out of jail but now I don’t know if it is true. Kulwant says whatever it is no one, not even god can arrest me for murder when the person is alive. Sarab says attempt to murder is still there. Kulwant says for that Manav has to come and say things against me to support it. Kulwant then laughs and takes leave.

Sarab asks Meher, if Manav was really here then why would he not come to meet you? Meher thinks of telling Sarab the truth. Meher says actually the thing is. Just then a nurse comes and says it’s time for medicines. Sarab says it’s 11? Nurse says yes. Sarab asks Meher to go to the Deewans to show condolences as Harleen will come here. Meher goes.

Here, Vikram’s mom is in kitchen, a cup of tea falls from her hand. Manav rushes to her and says why are you in Kitchen? Mom says I was making dinner for Aditi. Aditi says mom is not listening only and from morning she is in kitchen. Manav says you should take rest, don’t do any work now. Mom says how could I have not done any work, I had to prepare sargi for Aditi, it’s her first karwachauth and this thing a saas only does.

 Manav says Aditi you know na so you should have stopped her. Mom says dare not scold my daughter in law, I want you both to stay in love today and everyday, she is doing the fast for you today. Aditi says mom see your BP is very low. Aditi asks Manav to bring a medicine from another cupboard.

Manav goes and a file falls down. It’s Meher’s pregnancy file. Manav is surptosrd to see that in complicated time Sarab chose Meher over their child. Manav then searches for some more and finds some more info on her pregnancy and thinks if the baby is not Sarab’s then whose it is? Manav then remembers his and Meher’s love and closeness before. Manav is confused and thinks to clarify from Meher. He calls Meher.

 Meher is driving and her phone is in vibration. She doesn’t pick. Aditi asks Manav for medicine. Manav goes with medicine. He gives the medicine and says I have some urgent work and I need to go. Manav’s car goes out of the house and Meher’s car comes in. Meher greets Vikram’s mom and hugs her. They cry and get emotional.

Meher says how are you? Mom says I am okay. Meher says I really feel very bad for your loss. Meher them goes to Suryapratap’s photograph and prays to it. She gets flashes of how Suryapratap tried to kill her and Sarab and then jumped off and was dead. She then thinks I don’t know why you did all this but I know that you are a good person. Then Aditi comes. Mom says you both sit and have a good talk.

Meher says how are you? Aditi says not good, I have understood when a husband doesn’t care for you then he has some other girl in life and see how unlucky are those who give emmense love and get hatred and some lucky ones get so much love instead of hatred. She cries.

Manav reaches the hospital, to find Sarab is alone. Sarab says please come in, thank you for coming at the right time that night and giving me blood at right time. Manav says thanks to you that even after my dad trying to kill you, you never revealed it to anyone. Sarab says any brother would do this for his sister’s family. Sarab says and it was none of your fault.

Sarab asks for water, Manav gives him. Sarab says I want to ask you as a friend not a CBI officer. Manav says yes please ask. Sarab says why did Suryapratap tried to kill Meher? Manav says these kind of secret things happen for some secret only which went with him.

Manav says Manav is alive. Sarab says sorry, yes I got to know and for that reason you let Kulwant, Bittu and Rana go out free. Manav says yes. Sarab says I hope what you are saying is true as Kulwant can try any means to stay out of jail. Mamav thinks of Kulwant’s all kind of threat which he faced and due to which he jad to bail them out. He thinks I know it better. Param calls Sarab, they call lovingly.

 Manav is just watching and smiling. Call ends. Manav asks Sarab whom he loves more Param or Karan? Sarab says they both are equal for me and I love them both. Manav smiles. Harleen comes and Manav greets her and leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab tells Meher how Manav is acting wierd talking about whom I love more, Param or Karan. Maanv comes to hospital and figures out that Karan is his son and he is happy.