Actor and astrologer who made news in controversies is back to living a sorted life with his career being his main focus of his life.

When asked why he was keeping such a low profile, the actor said, “I was looking for some good projects and I not convinced with what I was getting and I wanted to come back with a bang. I want to give the audience something interesting, informative and I want to connect with them in whatever character I portray. That is why I took long to pick a project.”

Regarding his acting ambition, Ramman says, “I want to do some good roles in where I can justify them, if I can do it then only I will take it. I do not just want to act blankly. I really want to make big in Bollywood but I don’t want to compare myself with anybody. I want to set my own benchmark.”

Ramman follows a live and let live philosophy and says he is a multi-tasker and manages astrology and business, “Astrology is my full-time business, and I can do it from anywhere. I don’t need to give my 24 hours to astrology. So, I can work on sets also and guide my clients on the phone. And acting is my passion, not just a hobby. If I’m getting good films I will act. This way, I want to do my regular work and manage my business as well.”




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