We are doing all the household chores together may it be cleaning cooking or washing. I did this after a long time but yes when I was s bachelor and stayed in Qatar for 2 years I used to do the household work… so doing household chores is not a problem at all. Life is living and doing stuff together with your family. My wife and I are doing everything together. Happiness lies in doing things together.
Mrunal Jain
I and my wife are doing the house chores together. I haven’t done that before. When I was small I used to help my mom Vidya sometimes. Now I am helping by doing the jaadu of the entire home today. I feel it is like a therapy. The taste of food is better as I am relaxed and home at all. I feel closer to family as I am spending my whole time with them. My wife and mom are allrounders and they are ensuring I become perfect in everything. I am learning to make daal baati from them and also hari mirch ka achar. My friends love my home ka khana. Morning Pooja also I am doing daily as I am home daily
Rishina Kandhari
I am enjoying the cleaning at home. I am doing it daily religiously. I am a cleanliness freak. My husband is helpful too. My daughter also does her bit in dusting. I am an allrounder from cooking to cleaning. Couple bonding is over cleaning and cooking and eating too besides a cup of coffee.
Arjun Bijlani
I am doing my bit by dusting a bit and yes contributing in cooking. I made Punjabi chole. My wife takes care of everything. We both are cleanliness freaks. I am spending a lot of time with son Ayan do which I didn’t get during shoots. Whole life seems to have been redefined.