Today we bring you this article dedicating to our Strong Female Leads who are role- models for many women. The characters we are talking about today are-



Naira(Played by shivangi joshi) the lead character of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai is a very sweet and bubbly character. Naira has a voice and stands up for injustice happening around her and with her. She is a caring mother and loving wife to her husband. Above all she is a person who has a big heart to think about everyone’s happiness.
Shivangi is a soft spoken and sweet person. There are many characters of Shivangi which matches to her character, Naira . This helps the actress act naturally and give her level best.



prernaPrerna(Played by Erica Fernandes) in Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 is shown as character who always thinks for other. Even if it harms her she looks at the bigger picture and gives sacrifices for happiness of others. She goes to any extent to protect her family and loved ones(like protected everyone from Komolika). Erica is a very humble and down to earth actress. She is very friendly towards positive criticisms from her fans which helps her grow as an actress.

Dr. Ishani

ishaniSurbhi Chandna plays Dr Ishani in Sanjivani 2. Dr. Ishani is this very intelligent and kind hearted girl who dreams of becoming a successful doctor and help those who are in need of medical advise. She always look forward to successful surgeons and hopes to become one some day. Dr. Ishani is very works as per ethics and norms. Surbhi is a very talented actress who has always taken up different kind of character. This makes her an experiment loving person. She is always ready to face any challenge that comes her way.



Aditi SharmaRoshni(Played by Aditi Sharma in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka) is a courtesan who has an heart of an angel( also known as Ayaana). She is a very helpful and kind hearted person. She readily helps others. Roshni is very plaful character.  This character is very humble and never has a pinch of negativity inside her. Aditi Sharma is a dedicated actress who works hard to get excellent results. She does justice to her character by acting naturally.


Dr. Ishita


Dr. Ishita(Played by Divyanka Tripathy in Yeh Hai Mohabatien) is a very sweet personality. She is very attached to kids. Ishita married Raman because of Ruhi whom she formed the bond. Ishita always thinks of long term success and looks at the bigger picture. She makes sacrifices and always tried her level best to keep her family in comfortable place. This character is a motherly figure as she has that warmthness a child needs. She is also known as Ishi Ma( as refered by Ruhi). Divyanka in real also reflects as her tv character. She is friendly with everyone and gels in with any kind of crowd. She has a beautiful and welcoming smile which makes her such a friendly person. Due to so many similarity it helps her to act as Ishita.


Meher(Played by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in choti Sardarni) is a very bubbly and chirpy character. But due to the story line she looses her chirpiness after her lover dies and she is pregnant with her lover’s child. She is forced to marry a businessman who is a widower and has a kid. She adjusts to the situation and becomes an excellent mother for her step-son. She is a soft spoken girl who adjusts according to the situation put forward her. Nimrit herself is a happy go lucky girl. She puts in a lot of effort to justify her character.



Sonakshi(Played by Dipika Kakar in Kahan Hum Kahan Tum) is a famous tv artist working as successful lead. She is very famous yet very down to earth and always stands for justice. This character is a very friendly character and respects her elders in every manner. Dipika, herself is the best reflection of her character. She has recieved so much of fame yet she is always very friendly with her co stars and even fans. This makes her stand out of the crowd. Many fans have also said that it looks like they are watching Dipika’s story as Sonakshi as both have so much of similarity.



Preeta(Played by Shraddha Arya in Kundali Bhagya) is a soft spoken physiotherapist. She has a habit of helping everyone.
Shraddha is real life is a very humble person. She is never so proudy about her stardom and is very down to earth.



Saumya(Played by Rubina Dalaik in Shakti) is a very quite person. She has always been supressed by the society because she is shown as a kinnar. This character has many reasons to stop trying for her rights but she never given up. She always welcomes all the challenges in her life with a smile. Rubina plays this role very gracefully. As an actress Rubina has always a learning attitude and this is quite clearly seen in each of her shows.

Kudos!! to these character who are examples for us and many others. We hope to see more leads who will become live example for the viewers in many forms. Let us know in comments who is your role-model and why?