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The episode starts with Bela cleaning Ankush’s bike. Sai tries to talk to Bela but Bela doesn’t even look at Sai.

Viswanath comforts Sai that he is there for her. Sai says but Bela is not there for her and comments on it.

Arya’s vitals are shown to be dropping. The nurse says to doctor about it. The doctor gives shock treatment to Arya. Jaanrao asks Satte what happened. Satte says Arya looks like she has given up on her life.

Kasturi comes to Sai and asks Sai what happened. Sai says to Kasturi about Bela ignoring her. Sai asks Kasturi how is it her fault if Arya has gone missing and Ankush left them. Kasturi says it isn’t her fault and asks Sai not to talk to Bela for some time as she is absent in her own thoughts. Kasturi says to Sai that from now on she will be her mother.

Jaanrao asks Arya to wake up and says she should live for Ankush and Damini. Arya dreams of meeting her mother.

Satya looks at Naina and Bela. Kasturi comes to Satya. Satya asks Kasturi to throw Bela and Sai out of this house. Kasturi asks Satya to allow Bela and Sai to stay here as if they are here. Avdabai and Viswanath will not go against him. Kasturi reminds Satya that he is still not out of politics and the people here still love him.

Tanmay says to all the kids and that he is their leader. Tanmay calls Eklavya and asks Eklavya to follow his orders from today onwards. Tanmay asks Eklavya to go and get a drink for him. Eklavya misses his friend Arya.

Jaanrao hopes that Arya will open her eyes and get better.

Kasturi says to Satya that if all of the family stays with his image in public will be great. Satya says he is worried about Sai. Kasturi asks Satya not to worry about Sai as in a few days Sai will think of her as her real mother and she will go against even Bela if she tells her to do it.

Chaya talks with Arya. Ary says to Chaya that she will stay with her from now onwards. The doctor says Arya’s condition is getting really serious.

Satya’s henchmen say to Satya that they haven’t found Arya and Jaanrao bodies and says there is a chance that they may be alive. Arya asks his henchmen to go and search all the hospitals as they might have gone to get treatment. Satya’s henchmen leave from there.

Avdabai asks Satya if he is proud of killing his brother Ankush and his daughter. Satya asks Avdabai if she is having feelings for her granddaughter. Avdabai says she made a mistake saving him 8 years ago and comments on him.

Satte suggests Jaanrao to go and meet Naina. Jaanrao says he will look at Naina from a distance and leaves from there.

Arya’s condition really gets serious. Dr Satte treats her. Arya dreams of Chaya singing a lullaby to her.
Episode ends.

Precap:- The nurse says to Satya that Arya might be here as the Dr Saate is saying there is highly infectious patient but there is no such patient in the record book. Satya goes to check it out. Jaanrao spots Satya in the hospital.

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