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The episode starts with Kasturi asking Arya how is Satya’s speech. Arya praises Satya’s speech. Arya says she will also prepare a good speech for her. Kasturi agrees. Arya leaves from there.

Arya calls Kasturi over the phone by altering her voice. Arya threatens Kasturi saying she knows how Kasturi used her man to plant money in Ankita’s house. Arya says to Kasturi that she will expose her. Arya reminds Kasturi that if Satya knows what happened. He will throw her under the bus and steal the CM Position from her. Arya says to Kasturi that her game is over. Kasturi gets worried hearing this. Arya comes to Kasturi and asks Kasturi what happened. Kasturi says there is nothing.

Kasturi calls Ashok and asks Ashok to come here right away.

Kasturi asks Ashok to leave the city for some time. Ashok agrees and leaves from there. Arya tries to overhear their conversation but she couldn’t hear anything.

Arya follows Ashok. Ashok asks his wife to pack their bags as they have to leave the city. Ashok’s wife agrees to it. Arya gets an idea on how to make Ashok confess the truth.

Arya baits Ashok’s kid Bitto with a chocolate and she later calls Ashok and blackmails Ashok saying if he wants his kid back alive then he needs to confess the truth to the world that he planted money in Ankita’s house and Satya and Kasturi are the one who asked him to do that. Ashok agrees.

Yug gets a call from Ankita saying the person who put money in her home has been caught and she asks Yug to come right away. Kasturi asks Yug to come with her to the police station as a person surrendered saying he put the money in Ankita’s house.

Kasturi and Yug come to the police station. Ashok announces in front of the reporters that he was the one who put money in Ankita’s house and it was not her money. Ashok doesn’t take Satya and Kasturi’s name and says it was Someone from Ankita’s party. Satya comes to Ankita and says to Ankita that she needs to clean her party. Ankita says she will clean up and punish those people who are responsible for this.

Arya calls Ashok and asks Ashok why hasn’t he told the truth that Satya and Kasturi are behind him. Ashok pleads with Arya to give his kid back. Arya later tells to Ashok’s wife that their kid is in a grey van.

Ashok’s wife takes her kid. Yug spots Arya and tries to catch her. Arya escapes gets into an auto and leaves from there. Arya sees in the side mirror that Yug stole his phone. Arya thinks now she can’t get her secret phone.

Yug with the help of a techie learns that Arya called Kasturi and Ashok and there are no other contacts in the phone and the phone’s location is in Satya’s house.

Satya scolds Kasturi for her mistake. Satya says if she told him then he would have told her that fingerprints would not fall on cloth bag and someone is fooling her. Satya says he handled it this time.

It is shown Satya threatens Ashok with his parents lives not to take their name.

Kasturi apologises to Satya. Satya says to Kasturi what gag have to do.

Kasturi asks Arya to prepare a speech for Holi. Arya gives her idea.

Episode ends.

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Dabangii 11th March 2024 Written Update: Arya snoops through Kasturi’s phone