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The episode starts with the story taking a 14 years leap, Arya prays to God and thinks that Chaya will not be able to identify her as her character also changed a lot. Arya thinks once Chaya touches her, she will identify her as she is Chaya’s blood.

The IPS officer calls for Arya. Arya says she is preparing a smoothie for her. Arya says to the IPS officer that she selected a gift for her as she needs to go to the function. The IPS officer says she forgot about it.

Arya is shown to be working as a maid in the IPS officer’s house. Arya takes the uniform from the IPS officer and looks at it. The IPS officer says to Arya that she is looking for reasons to touch that uniform. Arya says to IPS officer that when she looks at this uniform she thinks of her father. IPS officer praises Arya. The IPS officer says to Arya that she will miss her as she has a strong feeling that she will clear the UPSC exam and she will go to academy.

Jaanrao calls Arya and says to Arya that she is topper in UPSC exam. Arya comes and thanks God.

Jaanrao looks at Arya with pride in his heart and tears in his eyes. Jaanrao says to Arya that these are tears of happiness and praises Arya. Arya also praises Jaanrao for everything he has done for her.

Arya thinks of Ankush and thinks she needs to be an IPS officer at any cost. Arya feels sad as she doesn’t even have a single photo of her father and mother. Arya thinks of taking revenge on Satya after becoming an IPS officer. Jaanrao says to Arya that she should forget about Satya. Arya asks Satya how can she forget about the guy who killed her parents. Arya reminds the sacrifice that he also made for her because of Satya.

Jaanrao says to Arya that the route she chose is really risky. Arya says there is no proof against Satya besides Satya himself. Arya says she will make Satya confess his crimes and then arrest him and she will make sure that he is punished this time.

Arya asks Jaanrao to bless her as today is her interview. Arya later comes to the interview site. Arya gets called for the interview. Arya prays to God.

Satya comes and says nobody was able to stop Satya till now and says nobody will be able to stop him in the future.

Arya sees in the news that Satya is announcing his decision to participate for CM position in the next elections.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya says to audience that she is returning after 14 years with a new identity to take revenge on Satya. Arya throws a torch bottle at Satya’s cut out. Arya wipes her tears and leaves from there.

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Dabangii 14th February 2024 Written Update: