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The episode starts with Bela saying to Kasturi that she will go to Sidhi Vinayak temple and pray to Zai and she will take Zai along with her. Ankush says he hid all the things with which Zai can hurt herself. Arya says she also hid all of the kitchen knives in a drawer. Kasturi goes to check on Zai. Arya says to Bela and Ankush that she is thinking of shifting to some place else as she saw hate in Zai’s eyes for her but today she saw helplessness in Zai’s eyes and comments on it.

Kasturi comes and reveals to Ankush and Bela that Zai is not in her room. Zai comes infront of Arya and says to Arya if it was under different kind of circumstances then they would have been friends and comments on her. Kasturi comes to Ankush ,Bela and reveals to them that Insulin injection is empty and she found it in Zai’s room. Zai says either she has to die or Arya should die. Zai says she will die.

The doctor treats Zai and reveals to Rajyavarkar family that they called her at the right time if not Zai’s condition would be more critical. Zai calls Eklavya’s name in her sleep. The doctor asks Rajyavarkar family to bring Eklavya here if it is possible.

Arya comes to Eklavya and stops Eklavya from leaving to Delhi. Arya reveals to Eklavya about Zai trying to commit suicide. Eklavya asks Arya to get in the car and leave to Rajyavarkar family.

Kasturi says to Ankush and Bela that Zai might try to commit suicide again. Kasturi says right now Zai wants to win over Arya and she can only do it by getting Eklavya.

Eklavya and Arya come to Rajyavarkar family. Eklavya comes to meet Zai. Zai says to Eklavya that he should be thinking that she is really weak and comments on it. Eklavya reminds Zai, how much everyone loves her and asks Zai to take rest. Zai asks Eklavya to promise her that he will not go anywhere. Eklavya asks Zai to take rest and leaves from there.

Bela comes to Arya and begs Arya to sacrifice her love for Zai. Bela asks Arya to convince Eklavya to marry Zai. Arya says to Bela that nothing is more important to her than her sister’s happiness.

Arya meets Eklavya and tries to convince him to marry Zai. Eklavya doesn’t agree to it.

Bela and Kasturi pray to god and they talk about Arya, Eklavya and Zai. Kasturi says to Bela that it is wrong for her to seperate Arya and Eklavya for Zai. Bela asks Kasturi what can she do as now Zai’s life is at stake. Bela says Eklavya might accept Zai one day if Arya stays away from Eklavya. Kasturi asks Bela what about Arya. Bela says she will find the best groom for Arya.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bela says to Zai that Pandit ji has fixed the wedding date after 1 month and says they will put the first wedding card at God’s feet.

Eklavya says to Arya that after 1 month they will get married according to this wedding card.

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Dabangii 16th May 2024 Written Update: