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The episode starts with Satya praising Kasturi in front of the guests. Arya says to Satya in his heart that she will not allow Kasturi to be CM.

Yug looks at Satya and says to Satya in his heart that he will expose him and destroy him. Satya comes to Yug and asks Yug if he rethinking his decision. Yug says he is a little worried as he is getting engaged as there will be a lot of responsibilities. Satya says this journey is going to be Hard. Kasturi says with a partner the journey will be easy.

Kasturi says to Yug that they should do the ring ceremony. Yug agrees.

Yug gets on his knee and puts the ring to Zai. Jaanrao shoots Kasturi. Arya rescues Kasturi and the bullet passes by touching Arya’s arm.

Yug and Satya ask the staff to close the door. Jaanrao runs away from there. Yug catches Jaanrao.

Bela comes downstairs running. Yug gets distracted with Bela. Jaanrao pushes Yug and escapes from him.

It is shown Arya says to Jaanrao that once he shoots Kasturi he will protect Kasturi and win her trust.

Yug chases Jaanrao but he hides from them. The guests gossip about Bela. Everyone thinks Bela is a crazy person seeing her state. Naina says Bela is scared of the gun shot. Naina tries to calm down Bela but Bela doesn’t calm down. Arya comes to Bela and calms her down. Arya hugs Bela.

Jaanrao recalls what happened and thanks Bela in his heart as he escaped only due to Bela. Jaanrao hopes that Arya will complete her revenge.

Zai scolds Bela for ruining her engagement. Arya comments on Zai. Zai asks Arya who is she to comment on them. Kasturi asks Zai to leave it: Naina takes Bela away from there.

Satya and Kasturi ask Arya about who is she. Arya says she is a caterer. Arya couldn’t talk at first seeing Satya but she later gets her act together and talks to Satya. Arya says she completed her studies and is working part time job. Kasturi thanks Arya and says she is really lucky as the bullet just passed by her.

Yug comes and identifies Arya. Yug asks Arya what is she doing here. Zai says she is a waiter. Zai asks Yug if they know each other. Yug says this girl is the one who destroyed his car window. Kasturi says to Yug that this girl saved her. Yug asks Arya how come she came at the right time to save her as no one saw the shooter. Arya says she saw the gun that’swhh she came forward. Arya says to Kasturi that this is the first time she saw people questioning the person who saved others.

Episode ends.

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Dabangii 29th February 2024 Written Update: