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The episode starts with Eklavya refusing to marry Zai and says to Arya about it.

Bela says she is not selfish. Kasturi asks Bela not to do the same mistake again. Kasturi reminds Bela that Ankush will not agree to this.

Ankush comes and says to Arya that Eklavya is right. Ankush asks Arya how could she think like that and says Bela is blind in Zai’s love so she can think like that and comments on Arya. Eklavya thanks Ankush for understanding her. Arya says Eklavya has become Zai’s obsession and if Zai doesn’t get Eklavya then she might do something again.

Zai is shown to be standing on the terrace wall and she is thinking about jumping off the terrace. Bela and Kasturi pull Zai off the terrace wall and she asks Zai what is she doing. Zai says she dreamed of Eklavya accepting her but she woke up and realised it’s just a dream.

Bela asks Zai to eat something. Ankush comes to Zai and asks Zai how could she do this. Zai comments on it. Ankush joins Eklavya and Zai’s hands. Ankush says from today onwards Eklavya will belong to her. Zai thanks Ankush and asks Ankush how did he do it.

It is shown Ankush says they will do Eklavya and Zai’s wedding and the wedding date will be after 1 month. Ankush says this wedding is only fake so that Zai’s mental condition will get better. Ankush says he already talked to the doctor and according to him Zai’s mental condition will get better after treatment of one month. Ankush says they will later tell Zai on why they did this. Ankush asks Arya to hide about this plan from everyone.

Bela comes and thanks Arya for her sacrifice. Arya leaves from there.

Ankush comes to Arya and says to Arya that they need to do this. Arya says they are deceiving Zai once again. Arya asks Ankush how will Zai feel after she knows the truth. Ankush says they have to do this so that for both of his daughters and asks Arya to trust him. Arya agrees.

Bela says to Zai that Pandit ji has fixed the wedding date after 1 month and says they will put the first wedding card at God’s feet.

Eklavya says to Arya that after 1 month they will get married and says tomorrow he will put the wedding card with her and his name infront of God. Arya says if he does that it will be a lot of trouble. Eklavya challenges Arya that he will do it.

The next day, Bela helps Zai get ready. Bela asks Naina to check if Eklavya brought their ancestral bangles as he has to to put it in Zai’s hands.

Eklavya pulls Arya to aside and tries to put the bangles on Arya’s hand but Arya doesn’t allow it. Eklavya and Arya hide from Naina.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Eklavya catches Arya when she is about to fall.

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