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The episode starts Satya asking Ankush why did he kill Tanmay. Kasturi says to Satya that Ankush took revenge on him by killing Tanmay. Ankush says he hasn’t killed Tanmay. Ankush admits to kidnapping Tanmay and says he has not killed Tanmay. Satya argues with Ankush. Naina says Ankush could have never done it. Satya says he has done it. Kasturi warns Naina not to side with Ankush. Kasturi says she will take revenge on Ankush. Kasturi tries to stab Ankush with a knife but Bela stops her and warns Kasturi to not think about laying her hands on Ankush. Bela says Ankush can never kill an innocent person. Kasturi comments on Bela. Ankush reminds Kasturi and Satya that they are the reason for Bela’s condition and comments on them.

Yug says to Bela that all the evidence points to Ankush. Ankush promises to Bela and Zai that he will return. Yug says he might not be here but his soldiers will fight with him.

The cops take Ankush away from there. Yug says to Sayya that the law will take care of Ankush. Kasturi says to Satya that Ankush should not survive. Satya says Ankush will not survive and says his death will be worse than Tanmay.

Bela comments on Satya and Kasturi. Bela says Ankush can never kill an innocent person and they also know that. Bela says Tanmay is dead because of their Karma. Kasturi asks Bela to shut up and says she opened her mouth after 14 years and she doesn’t even know what is going on. Bela says comments on it. Bela says she will not stay in this house anymore. Naina says she will also come with her. Kasturi asks all of them to leave.

Bela asks Zai to come with her. Zai doesn’t agree to it. Bela comments on Zai saying upbringing is more important than blood. Bela says to Zai that she will regret after knowing the truth about them. Bela says Arya is the only daughter of Ankush not Zai. Zai hearing this leaves from there.

Bela and Naina take Viswanath and Avdabai photos and leave the house. Arya thinks where will they go now.

Naina asks Bela where will they go now. Bela suggests to Naina that they should go to Gurudwara. Arya asks Bela and Naina to come with her as she has a place where they can stay. Naina refuses Arya’s help.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya accidentally calls Bela with the nickname Arya gave her.

Yug calls Sandy and says Satya and Kasturi should not meet Ankush as they are really angry. Satya overhears Yug’s conversation with Sandy.

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