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The episode starts with Arya bandaging Bela’s wound. Arya says she will get some food for Bela. Bela asks Arya how does she know her favourite food. Arya says Zai told her. Bela says to Aira that this is their fight and they have to fight this fight. Bela tries to leave. Bela couldn’t walk due to her leg injury. Arya accidentally calls Bela “Gudkaki”. Bela understands Aira is Arya. Bela hugs Arya. Bela says it is their Maina. Maina hugs Arya.

Bela says to Arya that Ganesh is blessing his rain today over them. Arya says to Bela she wanted to do her Seva but she couldn’t do it.

Maina apologises to Arya as she spoke ill of her. Maina asks Arya about her marriage with Yug. Arya says it is not Yug but Eklavya and he is also against Satya. Arya says Yug is misunderstanding Ankush as the evidence is against him. Arya says she will get Ankush out of jail soon. Arya says she has a surprise for Maina.

Arya brings Maina infront of Jaanrao. Jaanrao gets shocked seeing Maina and apologises to her for staying away from her. Bela thanks Jaanrao for taking care of Arya till now. Jaanrao says it’s the other way around as she also took care of him.

Arya says she will also get Ankush out of jail soon and ask them not to worry and Zai also then their family will be reunited.

Arya returns to her room. Arya sees a shadow in the room. Arya puts a knife to Yug’s neck. Yug asks Arya to do it. Arya says she will not do it as this is the difference between him and her.

The next day, Bela asks Arya to eat Poha. Arya says she has a lot of work. Yug comes and greets Jaanrao and Bela. Arya asks Yug to leave. Bela comments on it. Arya coments on Yug as he doesn’t believe Ankush is innocent. Bela stops Arya. Arya asks Yug to leave as he doesn’t believe Ankush is innocent. Yug is about to leave. Bela stops him and tells him that he is just doing his duty. Bela says Yug will settle everything. Yug smiles and tells everyone that he will leave. Yug leaves from there.

Later Yug calls Sandy and tells him that he is coming to the Police Station and asks him to make sure Satya and Kasturi don’t meet Ankush. Satya comes there and asks Yug what’s he talking about. Yug manages the situation with his lie. Satya says to Yug that he considers him as his son and asks him to handle Tanmay’s case with his influence and make sure Ankush gets punished. Yug agrees. He suspects Satya’s intentions.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arya investigates the crime scene and she runs into Goons.

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