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The episode starts with Yug calling Sandy and asking Sandy to increase Ankush security and says Satya is upto something.

Arya complaints to Bela about Yug not listening to her. Bela asks Arya if he thinks Yug and Arya are just friends. Arya says yes. Bela asks Arya to think from Eklavya’s point of view. Arya says Yug can atleast give benefit of doubt to Ankush for their friendship. Bela comments on it.

Yug asks Ankush to admit his crime. Ankush says he will not admit it as he hasn’t done anything wrong. Yug interrogates Ankush. Ankush taunts Yug. Sandy orders a tea for Ankush.

Yug asks Sandy to do whatever it takes to get a confession out of Ankush. Ankush comments on it. Yug learns someone came to bail Ankush.

Yug comes out and sees Arya. Arya says what she is doing is legal. Yug says Ankush will not get bail as the case is strong and says tomorrow they are going to shift Ankush to central jail. Arya says to Yug that he should not do it as there are Satya’s contacts in that jail. Yug says there are protocols to protect him. Arya says to Yug that she will hate him for this. The lawyer says Ankush couldn’t get bail. Arya thinks she only has till tonight to rescue Ankush.

Arya comes in disguise to the police station with Bela to meet Ankush. Arya sends Sandy away and talks with Ankush.

Kasturi asks Satya why is he not putting pressure on the case and asks Satya how will Ankush get death penalty. Satya says if the word of it gets out then they will be in trouble with their political image. Satya says Yug is handling it and asks Kasturi not to worry and says the ruling will come in their favour.

Arya gives bad news to Ankush that they are shifting him to central prison tomorrow and says she has to rescue him before that. Arya says she has a plan to get him out of this by tonight. Arya shares her plan with Ankush and Bela. Ankush says it’s risky. Arya asks Ankush and Bela not to worry.

Satya talks with Yug and others at the dining table. Kasturi asks Yug to break Ankush legs and hands and says she wants to hear his shouts upto here. Yug says Ankush will be sentenced for life and asks Kasturi not to worry. Kasturi says to Yug that she wants Ankush to have death penalty. Arya breaks the glass in anger. Yug makes up a reason for it.

Yug comes to Arya and treats her wound. Arya recalls Yug sending Ankush to jail. Arya pulls her hand away.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Yug asks Arya to show him one proof that Ankush is innocent.

Bela says to Arya that Ankush used to say that no crime is perfect and the criminal will leave some kind of evidence.

Arya disguises as a milk man and investigates the crime scene. Arya finds a lead. Arya notices people are unconscious beside the crime scene and she goes to check it out. Arya runs into Goons. Arya fights with those Goons.

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