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The episode starts with Arya asking Eklavya to marry Zai for her. Zai is shown to be searching for Eklavya. Eklavya says to Arya that he hates her but he still nods his head. Arya thanks Eklavya for agreeing to marry Zai.

Ankush says to Bela that he thinks this marriage is not right as she is doing this marriage in a hurry. Ankush asks Bela to open her eyes and see the truth. Bela asks Ankush what truth is he talking about.

Zai comes to Eklavya and asks what is the important announcement that he wants to make. Arya is shown to be hiding from Zai. Eklavya takes Zai away from there.

Eklavya comes infront of everyone and says that he wants to marriage in this house. Bela agrees.

Zai asks Ankush to select a jewelry for Bela. Ankush agrees and selects a necklace. Naina later takes pictures of Zai with her parents, Eklavya also joins them. Arya just hopes that Zai will be happy like this and she will not be sad because of her.

Arya sleeps in the bed. Arya wakes up the next day. Arya sees there is Eklavya’s name written with Mehandi on her hand.

Arya asks Eklavya why did he come in the middle of the night and write his name with Mehandi on her hand. Eklavya says this is his love for her. Eklavya also shows he has written her name on his wrist with Mehandi and comments on it.

Zai is shown to be celebrating her Mehandi ceremony. Bela asks Arya to apply Mehandi in her hand. Arya leaves from there with a Mehandi cone.

Arya tries to apply Mehandi on Eklavya’s name but Bela catches her. Bela raises her hand at Arya. Ankush stops Bela and asks Bela what is she doing. Bela says Arya wrote Eklavya’s name on her hand. Ankush asks Arya if she wanted to get caught by doing this. Ankush later reveals the truth to Bela that Eklavya and Arya love each other and they are just putting up an act to get treatment for Zai. Ankush says they would tell the truth to Zai once she gets better. Bela says to Ankush that if Zai knows the truth then she will kill herself.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Jaanrao says he can’t find Eklavya anywhere. Zai hearing this says she can’t stand it anymore. Zai locks herself in a room and tries to commit suicide by pouring gasoline over herself and lighting the floor around her.

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Dabangii 28th June 2024 Written Update: