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The episode starts with Kasturi asking the servants to throw Aira and Yug’s luggage out of the house. Kasturi asks Aira to leave as she was the one who told Kasturi that she will only leave this house with her husband. Kasturi asks Aira to leave with her husband. Yug reminds Kasturi that he already told her that he only loves Zai and he doesn’t have any relationship with Aira. Kasturi says Zai is not interested in him anymore so they are also not interested in him. Kasturi asks Yug to leave. Yug says he would like to hear about it from Satya. Satya comes and says to Yug that he doesn’t like the way, Yug behaved with him and asks him to leave. Satya gets a call from Shah and he goes to take it. Yug reminds Satya and Kasturi that he already invested a lot in her political campaign. Kasturi says it doesn’t matter now.

Kasturi tries to throw Aira out of the house but Yug stops Kasturi. Kasturi comments on Yug. Kasturi later tries to slap Aira but Satya stops Kasturi. Satya hugs Yug. Satya says to Yug that he got hurt with the way that he behaved with him but later when he heard that they are a team from him. He understood he made a mistake. Satya asks Yug to forget about what happened. Satya asks the servants to put Yug and Aira’s luggage inside.

Kasturi later comes to Satya and asks Satya what happened. Satya says Shah has gone bankrupt. Ankita says to Yug over the phone that a fire accident happened in Shah’s warehouse and right now he is in ventilator. Satya says Shah doesn’t have money to pay even for the ventilator and says they need Yug. Ankita praises Yug thinking he was the one who started the fire in the Shah’s warehouse. Yug says he didn’t do it. Ankita thinks who might have done it. Arya thinks it is Ankush and goes to meet Ankush.

Arya meets Ankush and asks Ankush if he was the one who burnt Shah’s warehouse. Ankush says yes. Arya asks Ankush how can he do it and says this is his anger speaking ands says he is not the old Ankush. Ankush says times have changed and she also needs to change if she wants to survive. Ankush reminds Arya that if he hasn’t done it she would be out of the house. Arya argues with Ankush. Ankush notices Arya is defending Yug and asks Arya if she exposed her identity to Yug. Arya says it was an accident. Ankush confronts Arya saying she told the truth to Yug about her true identity and argues with her as she broke the promise she gave him. Ankush says to Arya he knows she is his daughter but he doesn’t need her anymore and is about to leave her. Yug comes to Ankush and Arya. Yug asks Ankush who is he. Ankush acts as if he is beggar and he blesses Arya and leaves from there. Yug asks Arya why was she begging her to stay back. Arya makes up a reason for it.

Arya goes to Jaanrao. Arya asks Jaanrao where is Ankush. Jaanrao says Ankush left and he pushed him away when he tried to stop Ankush.

Arya thinks Ankush left because she disappointed him.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya doesn’t find Ankush anywhere. Arya spots Ankush pointing a gun to Satya from outside.

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Dabangii 2nd April 2024 Written Update: