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The episode starts with Satya checking on Shah’s condition through the phone. Tanmay comes home drunk. Satya asks Tanmay whose son is he. Tanmay says he is son of Kasturi. Satya reminds Tanmay, he is son of Satya. Satya beats up Tanmay as he doesn’t behave like his son. Kasturi begs Satya to stop it. Yug pulls Satya away. Kasturi takes Tanmay away from there. Yug asks Satya to calm down and says he will handle it. Yug wishes Satya was never there in Arya’s life.

Arya says to Jaanrao that Ankush is upset with her as Yug learnt about her true identity. Aray says to Jaanrao how upset Ankush is with her. Arya vows to search for Ankush. Arya goes looking for Ankush.

Kasturi complaints to Sonal about Tanmay destroying his life by drinking alcohol. Tanmay says he just drinks alcohol and says he is not a murderer.
Sonal also argues with Kasturi about it. Kasturi asks Sonal and Tanmay to speak in a low voice as if Satya hears them then he will kill them. Kasturi asks Tanmay to promise her that he will not drink alcohol. Tanmay promises that he will not drink alcohol till the elections. Kasturi thanks Tanmay.

Yug worries about Arya. Yug calls Arya. Satya comes to Yug and asks Yug what is he doing. Yug says he is calling Aira so that he could keep an eye on her.

Satya talks with Yug and praises him. Satya says to Yug that he saw chemistry in between them and says he really cares for Aira. Yug says Aira is acting like a fake wife and he is also using it to his advantage by acting like her fake husband. Satya comments on Yug and leaves from there. Satya thinks Yug is the one who put Shah in the hospital to stay in this house. Yug thinks he only has time till elections to send Satya to jail.

Arya prays to God and hopes to find Ankush. Ankush looks at Arya and says to Arya in his heart that she broke his trust and he decides to take revenge on Satya on his own.

Arya doesn’t find Ankush anywhere and she talks to Jaanrao over the phone about it. Arya spots Ankush pointing a gun to Satya from outside Satya’s house. Yug pulls
Arya aside and tries to talk to her but Arya sends him away making up a reason.

Arya stops Ankush and says she will not allow him to take law into his own hands. Ankush argues with Arya.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ankush asks Arya how will she allow him to enter this house.

Ankush comes to Satya’s house and spots Satya sleeping.

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Dabangii 3rd April 2024 Written Update: