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The episode starts with Kasturi saying she doesn’t know why they are giving that much importance to an outside kid. Kasturi asks Ankush if that kid is his illegitimate daughter. Avdabai asks Kasturi to stop it and they will solve it inside their house. Bela thinks what is Ankush hiding from her.

Kasturi comes and sees Arya is beating up Tanmay. Kasturi decides to throw Arya out of the house.

Kasturi asks Arya to call her father and says nobody will come to help her. Arya calls for her father. Ankush comes and asks Kasturi to leave his daughter. Ankush sends Arya away.

Kasturi questions Ankush why did he say Arya is his daughter. Kasturi says to Ankush that everyone heard what he said and everyone here knows the meaning of what he said. Ankush asks Kasturi to stop twisting his words. Ankush sees Bela is believing Kasturi’s words and tries to explain to her but Bela leaves from there. Satya acts as if he is shocked after knowing that Ankush is having an illegitimate daughter.

Bela comes to their house. Arya explains to Bela that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Bela sees Arya and goes into the kitchen.

Ankush says to Bela that this is all of Satya and Kasturi’s doing. Bela argues with Ankush. Bela puts forth a condition to Ankush that Arya will not stay in this house and she also asks Ankush not to lie to her. Ankush says to Bela that he can’t do that as Arya is his responsibility. Bela agrees to keep Arya in this house and puts forth another condition to Ankush that she needs to know who is her father. Ankush says to Bela that it’s confidential and he can’t tell her right now. Bela hearing this says she is losing her confidence in their relationship.

Bela comes and packs her clothes. Ankush asks Bela to give him sometime to set everything right. Bela doesn’t listen to Ankush and decides to leave the house.

Arya pleads Bela not to leave this house. Sai asks Bela where are they going. Bela says they are going to their grandmother’s house. Satya invites Bela and Sai and says they will stay in their house. Ankush pleads Bela to not leave and says he will set everything right. Bela asks Ankush to atleast tell Arya who is she and leaves with Satya and Kasturi.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya runs into Tanmay. Tanmay drops Damini’s photo on the floor. Arya comes to Satya’s house and gives the flowers crown that she made for Bela to Bela. Kasturi ousts Arya from the house.

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Dabangii 4th December 2023 Written Update: