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The episode starts with Arya saying to Jaanrao that Kasturi will never expect what’s going to happen next. Jaanrao asks Kasturi if this is going to work. Arya says it’s going to work. Arya says to Jaanrao how much pain she suffered due to them and says Satya and Kasturi will suffer this time.

Ankita greets the audience and addresses Kasturi as a kid as she is taking her first step in politics and asks Kasturi to give her speech.

Kasturi gives her speech to the audience. Some women come out and protest against Kasturi. A women reminds Kasturi that CM is a great position and says to Kasturi that she should tell everyone what she has done in the past as she is a dancer in Badnaam gali. Tanmay shouts at women. The women protest against Kasturi and throw ink at her.

Arya catches a tomato thrown at Kasturi and protects her. Yug thinks Arya came again to rescue Kasturi at the right time.

Arya asks the women to stop and says they should be ashamed for behaving like this with Kasturi as they are also women. Arya says to them that Kasturi used to work as a dancer and says she earned money with her art and says Kasturi never robbed anyone. Arya praises Kasturi and comments on the people who protested against Kasturi. The women later apologise to Kasturi. Satya comes on stage. Kasturi thanks Arya for taking a stand for her. Kasturi says to Satya that she wants Arya to be in her team at any cost.

Ankita comes to Kasturi and says to Kasturi what happened with her shouldn’t have happened. Kasturi comments on it and blames Ankita for the protest against her. Kasturi asks Ankita to hire better actors next time.

Yug comes to Satya and says Satya that they should not hire Aira as they don’t know anything about her. Kasturi and Arya come to Satya. Arya says to Satya that they might have done her background check by now and says she is daughter of a dancer and comments on her situation. Arya asks Satya to give her a chance. Satya agrees.

Satya later asks Yug to find out everything about this Aira Karghanis. Yug agrees.

Arya says she stays in girls hostel and there is some connectivity problem and she will manage it somehow. Kasturi asks Arya to come to her house and says she can stay there. Arya thanks Kasturi.

Arya comes to Satya’s house the next day, Arya hears the siren sound and get shocked and is about to fall. Yug catches her and pulls her. Arya punches Yug in reflex. Yug talks to Arya and says to Arya about his suspicion about her. Arya thinks she has to leave before Yug confirms his suspicion.

Episode ends.

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