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The episode starts with Satya’s men talking with Satya over the phone. Satya’s men says they saw Aira in a hoodie in the area near here and says there are two to three lodges here. Satya asks his men to follow Aira and find out what is she upto. Satya thinks a big secret is going to come out.

Arya meets Ankush in police station and reveals to him about the evidence they have against Satya and says this evidence is enough for them. Ankush warns Arya that Satya is a wounded lion and if Satya knows about her identity then he will not leave her. Arya assures that Satya will never find her true identity. Satya is shown to have found evidence against Arya in her room. Satya recalls Arya’s behaviour. Satya’s men call Satya and reveal to him that Aira has come to meet Ankush in jail in disguise. Satya satirically praises Arya and says it is Arya not Aira.

Arya sends voice message to Yug that she has Satya’s confession. Arya is shown to get abducted.

Ankush feels a bad omen and asks the police to call for Yug and says he needs to talk to him.

Yug comes to the location sent by Arya. Yug doesn’t see Arya anywhere. Yug thinks Arya is playing games with him again and leaves from there.

Arya is shown to be tied to a chair. Satya sings Damayanthi’s lullaby and takes off the mask of Arya. Satya says to Arya that her mother is the one who started all of this game and says he will end this game soon. Satya praises Arya on the way she fooled him. Arya scolds Satya saying he doesn’t deserve to be called a Rajyavarkar.

Ankush says to Yug that Arya might be in danger and says he can feel it. Yug says Arya asked him to meet her saying she has evidence but she didn’t come to meet him. Ankush says there is evidence and says to Yug about it. Yug thinks Arya might be in danger.

Yug calls Satya and asks him where is he. Satya says he can’t come to the court and says he is in a meeting. Yug thinks Satya is lying.

Satya says to Arya why did he name his gun Gotiya. Satya says to Arya that he now abducted her so that Ankush will admit in the court that he committed Tanmay’s murder.

Ankush comes to the court. Kasturi and her men throw stones at Ankush. The police take Ankush to the court.

Satya calls Ankush and reveals to Ankush he kidnapped Arya and says Ankush needs to admit that he killed Tanmay and Chaya also. Satya asks Ankush to make a choice and cuts the call.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya says to Arya that she will die today and shows his hands are also not shaking like last time.

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Dabangii 6th May 2024 Written Update: