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The episode starts with Arya looking through the bus. Arya sits beside Chaya. Chaya tries to call Ankush but he cuts her call. Chaya sees that Arya is hungry. Chaya says she will buy her something once they get down. Arya agrees. Arya sees that everyone in the bus is upset as the bus driver turned off the TV. Arya says to all the people in the bus that she will entertain them but in return they need to give her something to eat. Everyone agrees.

Arya entertains all the people in the bus with her dance. All the people give food to Chaya. Arya asks Chaya to eat the food as she hasn’t eaten anything from yesterday. Arya asks Chaya where are they going? Chaya says they are going to a person who will put an end to this game of hide and seek. Arya feels happy hearing this.

Bela comes and gives lunch box to Ankush. Bela says to Ankush that they need to buy a few things for Ganesh Pooja. Ankush seeing the list asks Bela to keep it simple. Bela and Ankush talk about it. Bela leaves from there after a while.

Chaya thinks of Satya and tries to call Ankush but he doesn’t attend her call.

Kasturi tries to argue with Satya as he left Arya without doing anything. Kasturi sees Satya is real mad and disappointed with Tanmay. Kasturi tries to calm down Satya.

Chaya comes to meet Ankush and takes him to a side to talk to him. Chaya asks Ankush to help her.

Ankush asks Chaya to leave as as she left when he needed her the most. Chaya apologises to Ankush and asks Ankush to help her saying she is tired. Ankush argues with Chaya saying Satya is out of jail only because of her fear. Ankush tries to leave but Chaya stops Ankush. Chaya asks Ankush to save her as she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. Avdabai spots Damini and sees Damini talking to Ankush.

Avdabai feels hopeful thinking she will reunite with her grandson seeing Chaya. Avdabai decides to go and tell Satya about Damini. Arya wakes up and looks for Chaya.

Arya finds a cat and sees that it is stuck on a tree and Arya helps the cat to get down from the tree.

Ankush asks Chaya if she ever thought that if she ran away he might lose his job.

Avdabai says to Satya that she saw Damini and she is with Ankush. Avdabai takes Satya. Ankush blames Chaya for Satya being a minister right now.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya and Ankush point their guns at each other. Satya asks Ankush where are Damini and his son? Ankush says they aren’t here. Satya says he will find them no matter what

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Dabangii 6th November 2023 Written Update: