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The episode starts with Arya seeing that Ankush’s father has gone to sleep. Arya also makes sure that Ankush has gone to sleep to execute her plan.

Arya wakes up Tammay disguised as a ghost. Tanmay gets scared seeing the ghost. Arya asks Tanmay if he will do exactly as she says. Tanmay agrees to do it.

Arya makes Tanmay act like a dog and bark like a dog. Arya sees that the lights are turned on. Arya asks Tanmay not to tell anyone about her and says if he tells anyone about her then she will come and eat him.

All of Satya’s family come and see that Tanmay is acting like a dog. Satya asks Kasturi to sell him in the market tomorrow and leave from there.

Kasturi asks Tanmay what is he doing. Tanmay shows the ghost to Kasturi. Kasturi understands that Arya scared Tanmay acting like a ghost.

Kasturi brings Tanmay to Ankush’s house. Kasturi asks Ankush where is Arya. Ankush asks Kasturi what happened. Kasturi says Arya scared Tanmay acting like a ghost. Arya comes and asks Ankush what happened. Kasturi accuses Arya of scaring Tanmay acting like a ghost. Tanmay suddenly coughs. Arya takes Tanmay to the refrigerator and warns Tanmay that if he confronts her again then she will teach him a lesson. Kasturi eavesdrops on their conversation and confirms that Arya is the one who played this prank on Tanmay.

Kasturi complaints to Satya about it. Satya comments on Tanmay as he is always scared of everything. Kasturi decides to teach a lesson to Arya and seeks Satya’s help for it. Satya agrees to help Kasturi.

Ankush’s father defends Arya. Ankush asks Arya to go to sleep. Arya leaves from there. Ankush shows the costume of a ghost that Arya used to scare Tanmay and says Kasturi wasn’t lying, Arya really played the prank on Tanmay. Ankush’s father says Arya is really like Satya. Ankush says that’s what he is worried about and says he will never allow Arya to become like Satya.

The next day, Kasturi makes arrangements for Satya’s party meeting at his home. Kasturi says to Satya that everything is ready to defame Arya and Ankush. Kasturi asks Satya to defame Ankush in Bela’s eyes when he gets the chance. Avdabai asks Satya what is going on. Satya makes up a reason for the party meeting in their home and leaves from there.

Ankush asks Ankush’s father to keep an eye on Arya and make sure that Arya doesn’t go to Satya’s house. Ankush’s father agrees.

Arya says to Ankush’s father that she would like to go there to eat the food. Ankush’s father says he is feeling ill. Arya hearing this says then they will stay here for today.

Ankush asks Bela if she is alright. Avdabai says Bela hasn’t eaten anything from yesterday. Arya plays games with Ankush’s father.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Arya comes to the party meeting. Kasturi seeing this thinks it’s time to use Arya.

Arya sees Laddoo and tries to eat them but a lady says only the person who wins the game will have all these laddoos. Arya hearing this agrees to play in the game. Kasturi thinks Arya has fallen into her trap.

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