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The episode starts with Satya giving a speech to the audience. Kasturi looks around for Arya to take revenge for her son. Satya starts speaking about Ankush and what is happening to him.

Ankush’s father says to Arya that he is tired and asks Arya to bring water to him. Arya brings water but she sees that Ankuh’s father has gone to sleep.

Satya vows to the people that he will keep them on his head. Satya comes to Ankush and says to Ankush that he will take revenge as he sent him to jail. Kasturi gets an idea on how to make Aray fall into her trap.

Kasturi arranges Laddoo. Arya smelling Laddoo goes to take it. A woman stops and says she needs to win the competition if she wants these laddoos. Arya says she will also participate in it. The lady asks Arya to wait for awhile.

The lady calls Kasturi and says Arya came here just like she said. Kasturi thinks Arya will not escape from her hand.

Kasturi praises Avdabai and invites Avdabai onto the stage. Avdabai gets shocked hearing the praise Kasturi has spoken for her. Avdabai later gets on the stage. Kasturi says they arranged a race and asks Everyone to participate in it.

Sai asks Bela to come with her to play the game. Ankush wishes all the best to Sai. Bela asks Sai to shake hands with Ankush. Sai agrees.

Ankush says to Sai that he misses them. Sai says but he doesn’t miss him and leaves from there.

Avdabai asks Kasturi to be careful. Ankush sees Arya and asks Arya what is she doing here. Arya says the grandfather has gone to sleep and says he came here to play and win all the laddoos. Tanmay says to Arya that she can’t play this game as she needs to play with her mother. Tanmay and Sai comment on Arya. Arya leaves from there and cries to herself thinking about her mother. Ankush comes and sits beside Arya.

Jaanrao asks everyone to get ready for the race. Ankush says to Arya that they need to participate in the race to win the laddoo and says he will participate with her.

Jaanrao is about to start the race Ankush stops the race and says Arya will also participate the race. Kasturi asks Ankush how is it possible as Arya didn’t has a mother. Ankush says he will participate in the race as he has become a mother to Arya as her guardian.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya says to Arya that Ankush is her father and he also asks Ankush to tell the truth.

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