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The episode starts with Ankush asking Arya to handle the kid. Arya agrees. Ankush asks a constable to take care of Arya and the kid. Ankush leaves from there.

Ankita sees Tanmay training. Ankita mocks Tanmay and says to Satya that Tanmay will never be able to win the contest. Satya comments on Ankita. Ankita leaves from there.

Kasturi assures Satya that Tanmay will win the contest and says she already bribed three judges and she will also settle the rest of the two judges. Satya says to Kasturi that if her plan doesn’t work then she will have nowhere to go. Kasturi comments on it and leaves from there.

Arya tries to calm down Munna but he doesn’t stop crying so she also starts crying and teases him. Munna starts laughing. Ankush brings back Munna’s father. Arya sees Munna reuniting with his father and thinks of her mother.

Arya goes to a side and cries to herself. The constable comes and asks Arya why is she crying. Arya says Ankush never searched for her mother. The constable says to Arya about Ankush’s unremitting efforts and his devotion towards duty. The constable also shows how Ankush helped a few people. Arya after talking to the constable understands that Ankush really put his effort in trying to search for Chaya and she only misunderstood him.

Arya warms up to Ankush as a father figure. Ankush teases Arya not to eat that chocolate that he gave her as it is a dog chocolate. Arya says he should have said that before. Ankush says he was just teasing her.

Kasturi sees Tanmay having trouble eating. Kasturi brings his favourite food to Tanmay and asks him to eat it. Satya sees this and punishes Tanmay by making swallow the food more than Tanmay can eat. Ankush stops Satya and says Tanmay is just a kid. Ankush comments on Satya. Satya reminds Ankush that Tanmay is his son and he will teach him however he wants. Satya later leaves from there.

Ankush asks Avdabai if he saw how he is treating his own son and comments on Satya. Avdabai says Satya has become like this after he went to jail and blames Ankush for it. Ankush says she has become blind due to her son’s love and says she can’t differentiate between a devil and a human. Avdabai thinks if Satya has really become a devil.

Ankush talks to Bela and says it’s not good for Sai to stay here and reminds Satya’s behaviour to Bela. Sai asks Ankush if he also hates her as she hasn’t done well in the competition. Ankush says there is nothing like that. Sai asks Ankush then why did he leave her. Vishwanad tries to convince Arya to participate in the competition. Eklavya also says if she doesn’t win the competition then she will go to remand home.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ankita reminds Ankush that if Arya doesn’t participate in the competition then he should know the consequences.

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