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The episode starts with Dinakar searching for the file in the record room and he talks with Kasturi over the phone. Dinakar says he will die if Ankush finds out about it. Kasturi says to Dinakar that he will really die if he doesn’t get that file for her.

Ankush comes to the record room and asks Dinakar what is he doing here. Dinakar makes up a reason. Ankush gets a call and later he leaves from there.
Dinakar says to Kasturi that he is not able to find the file and says Ankush might have hidden it somewhere.

Ankush waits for Arya. Ankita announces to start the competition. Arya comes to participate in the contest. Ankita tells the rules of the competition. Ankita says there is a surprise round at the last.

Satya tries to demotivate Arya. Arya recalls Ankush’s mantra and chants it.

Arya becomes the captain and guides all of her team members. Tanmay has trouble in guiding his team. All of Arya’s team members escape the minefield. Tanmay’s team loses two team members.

Ankita in the surprise round asks the captions to swap their place with their teammates. Tanmay comes to Sheetal and warns Sheetal that if she guides Arya correctly then her family will be thrown out of this colony.

Sai guides Tanmay. Sheetal guides Arya with wrong directions. Arya recalls that there is a mine where she is about to step on. Arya asks Sheetal if everything is alright. Sheetal admits to Arya that Tanmay threatened her and he is cheating. Arya compliants to Ankita about Tanmay cheating. Ankita asks Everyone to freeze.

Ankita catches Tanmay is cheating as he can see through the blindfold so he is benched as penalty.

Arya wins the game. Ankita congratulates Arya and Ankush.

Kasturi comes to Dinakar and asks Dinakar if he brought the file. Dinakar gives the file to Kasturi. Kasturi thanks Dinakar.
Kasturi takes Tanmay to his room.

Ankush takes Arya and her team’s photo to celebrate their victory. Ankush says to Arya that she did the right thing by standing against cheating. Ankush says to Arya that if her heart feels like cheating then she needs to think of Chaya.

Kasturi tries to look at the file. Jaanrao comes and takes Tanmay to Satya. Satya says to Tanmay that he is not his blood as he lost to a girl.

Satya makes Tanmay kneel on the road and asks Tanmay to kneel the whole night. Satya says to Tanmay that if he doesn’t win the contest then he will thrown out of the house.

Satya doesn’t listen to anyone. Kasturi comes and searches for the file. Kasturi doesn’t find the file. Kasturi thinks she needs to find out about Arya’s mother and make Satya happy if not they will be thrown out of the house.

Naina puts the file in Satya’s room and leaves from there.

The next day, Sheetal mocks Tanmay seeing him kneel on the road. Arya says to Eklavya and Sheetal they should not mock others when others are in trouble.

Ankita is shown to be talking to the judges about the third round. Tanmay tries to eavesdrop and find out about the third round. Eklavya witnesses this.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bela begs Arya to lose the contest for Sai.

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