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The episode starts with Satya’s goons knocking out Arya and the rest of the kids using knock out gas.

Ankush tries to ask Eklavya about Arya. Eklavya stays silent. Ajubaba asks Eklavya and convinces Eklavya to tell what he knows about Arya saying Arya might be in danger.

Arya and the kids feel suffocated due to the gas. Eklavya asks Ajubaba to not tell Ankush about what he is going to say. Eklavya says to Ajubaba that Arya learnt that Chaya is alive and Satya is going to meet Chaya. Arya went to find her mother. Eklavya says Tanmay told them about it.

Arya and the rest of the kids get knocked out. Ankush questions Tanmay where is Arya. Kasturi asks Ankush to stop threatening Tanmay. Ankush says to Tanmay that he will throw him in jail and asks Tanmay where is Arya. Ankita comes and says to Kasturi that the parents should not cover up their kids mistake.

Kasturi tries to argue with Ajubaba. Satya comes and asks Kasturi to not say another word and says Ankush is worried as his daughter is missing.

The goons tie up all of the knocked out kids and they also tie up Arya. The goons decide to come tonight and take the kids away.

Satya asks Tanmay if he told to Arya that Chaya is alive. Tanmay says he hasn’t said anything like that. Satya asks Tanmay to swear on him and tell the truth. Tanmay says he hasn’t said to Arya that Chaya is alive.

Eklavya says he told the truth. Eklavya’s father asks Eklavya to shut up. Ankush says to Satya that he will search for Arya. Ankita says there is no need for it. Ankita says to Ankush that she activated the whole police force and says they are going to search for Arya.

Ankita says to Satya that if she learnt that he is behind Arya’s kidnapping then she will end his political career.

Arya regains consciousness and she wakes up the rest of the kids. The kids cry to themselves. Arya tries to calm them down. Arya sings a lullaby to calm them down.

Ankush asks his colleagues to keep an eye on Satya’s hideouts. The colleague doesn’t agree to it. Ankush hopes that he will get a way to track Arya.

Arya recalls that she has a phone. Arya takes out the phone and sees that it is low battery.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Satya decides to kill all of the kids and he plants a bomb. Arya finds the bomb.

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Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 5th January 2024 Written Update: Arya sneaks into Satya’s car in hope of meeting Chaya