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The episode starts with Abhimanyu recalls Rizwan’s words on his way then calls Asmita. Asmita’s grandmother asks Asmita to answer the call which she obliges. Asmita refuses to meet Abhimanyu saying she is busy with her grandmother when the latter says he wants to meet her immediately. Abhimanyu tells he wants to talk to her about work related. Asmita says then they can talk about it in the office. The next day, Asmita is in a conversation with Dev, Abhimanyu arrives there and drags her inside a room which shocks everyone. Asmita shouts at Abhimanyu for creating unnecessary scene in the office then questions him for his immature behaviour.

Abhimanyu asks her whether she working for Rizwan? Asmita gets taken aback then firmly says No. Abhimanyu asks whether she ever worked for Rizwan?Asmita recalls Rizwan’s suggestion then tells that she only worked for Paper Ink. Abhimanyu asks whether she received a job offer from Rizwan. Asmita admits it but before she explains further, Abhimanyu interrupts and tells then Rizwan told the truth. Asmita gets confused. Abhimanyu accuses Asmita for pretending to be in love with him only to leak his chapter’s to Rizwan. Asmita pleads Abhimanyu to listen to her but Abhimanyu refuses and calls himself an idiot for loving her. Asmita tells he never loved her and says he should trust her over Rizwan. Abhimanyu tells he did trusted her then shows Rizwan and Asmita’s chat saying this is the evidence why he trusts Rizwan’s words over her.

Maya sends all the employees to do their work then goes where Abhimanyu and Asmita is and shouts at them to not to fight here because of their personal differences. Abhimanyu tells it’s purely professional as he learned Asmita is the one who leaked his chapter to Rizwan then shows the chat to Maya. Maya gets shocked and says all this while they unnecessarily blamed Arya but it’s Asmita who done this all. Asmita gets shocked. Meanwhile Rizwan confronts Anirbhan for blackmailing him. Anirbhan confesses that he has done all this to save their relationship only also how he feared of losing him. Rizwan tells Anirbhan that he never felt betrayed this way then asks Rizwan to leave his house in an hour and walks away. Anirbhan breaksdown in his room. Here, Maya asks Asmita how could she do this also tells she went against her ideals and beliefs. Asmita says Maya atleast she should trust her. Abhimanyu asks her to shut up then tells Maya that Asmita done all this to take a revenge on him. Maya demands Asmita to tell the truth. Asmita admits of thought to work for Rizwan but she can’t able to because of her ideals and beliefs. She also tells that Abhimanyu made her life miserable and forced her to quit her job so it’s natural for her to give a second though about Rizwan’s offer but she simply can’t go against her ideals.

Maya asks Asmita the reason behind rejoining Paper Ink. Asmita reminds her about Shailaja’s health. Both Maya and Abhimanyu becomes speechless. Asmita shows her chat with Rizwan in which she clearly stated that she won’t work for him. Both Maya and Abhimanyu remains silent. Here, Shauvik follows Meera and says himself this time Abhimanyu is going to be a victim of his ploy then smirks. Asmita asks Maya why she has to prove her innocence every time. She then tells Abhimanyu that she truly loved him then leaves. Maya tells Abhimanyu that Asmita is telling the truth. Asmita meets Shauvik and cries infront of him. She also thanks him for being there for her always. Shauvik acts and says he will talk to Abhimanyu which Asmita refuses. Abhimanyu regrets his actions and calls himself stupid for Rizwan’s ploy meanwhile Asmita cries hard.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 31st March 2023 Written Update: Rizwan instigates Abhimanyu against Asmita