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The episode starts with Asmita recalls everything and gets sad. Meanwhile Abhimanyu knocks on the door. Neeta comes out and questions him what happened. Abhimanyu lies he is fine. Neeta refuses to believe and takes him inside. Abhimanyu puts his head on her lap and looks sad. Other side Asmita prepares food and looks on sad. Here Abhimanyu tells Neeta there is a girl who always insulting me and questioning about his ability to write a soulful content. She decides to quit her job refuses to work under him. He gets affected by her words just the way Raman. Raman always told him, whatever he writes is not a worthy one. Asmita also tells him the same and calls his books are like junk food.

Neeta gets sad. Abhimanyu further tells Neeta that he may act like Raman’s words doesn’t affected him but it’s affecting him and so Asmita’s. He don’t know why both Raman and Asmita thinks that his writings are soulful one when the entire world thinks. Neeta tells Abhimanyu that Raman is his father and whatever the latter tells him is out of love and care only so asks him not to take his words to heart. She then asks Abhimanyu who gave rights to the girl to talk to him this way and inquires about her. Abhimanyu asks Neeta to not to worry because Asmita resigned her job so from the next day itself he don’t have to see her face and falls asleep on Neeta’s lap. Neeta wonders who is that girl that affecting Abhimanyu this much.

Asmita receives a message from Rizwan saying it’s for her betterment only to rejoin Paper Ink. Asmita replies thanks for his advice then leaves for the hospital taking food for her mother. Other side Anirbhan tells Rizwan to not to fly high thinking Asmita can help him because he is sure about one thing which is Asmita can change her decision at any time. Rizwan informs Anirbhan the doctor who treats Asmita’s mother he knows him well so he will ask him to do some favoritism to Asmita and he is sure this will help him to let Asmita stay with him. This is also against Asmita’s ideals but the latter have no other options now.

Anirbhan praises Rizwan and says to him this is the reason he fell in love with him and takes his hand and looks at Rizwan with a smile on his face. Rizwan smiles back then calls the doctor. Asmita reaches the hospital. The nurse asks her to meet the doctor first. Asmita meets the doctor in his cabin and requests to take care of her mother also promises to clear the medical bills soon. The doctor tells Asmita to pay the bills in installment and regarding this he already got permission from the management surprising Asmita. He further tells Rizwan is his friend and he called him and told about her situation. Asmita recalls Rizwan’s words to help one another.

Other side Maya finds her daughter Pari is upset. She inquires her about the reason. Peter scolds her and tells her it’s Pari’s sports day which she promises to attend but failed again. Maya questions him why he didn’t attend as she is busy to save there company. Both of them gets into a heated argument. Pari cries saying they both always ending up fighting like this. Maya and Peter calms her down and sends her to her room. Peter tells Maya to not to disappoint Pari by breaking promises like how she always does. Maya taunts at him. Peter leaves the place getting angry.

The next day Neeta makes Abhimanyu’s favorite food Gobi Paratha and feeds him. Abhimanyu questions her is this is any special day. Neeta says no then inquires him about Asmita. Abhimanyu gets confused and tells Neeta that he don’t recall anything other than returning home and going to bed straight. He then goes to get ready. Neeta asks Nannu to help her find the girl who is troubling Abhimanyu. Nannu obliges. Asmita reaches Paper Ink.

The staff’s gets shocked seeing her and wonders the reason behind her coming to office. Asmita ignores them and goes to meet Maya. Maya informs Asmita about the formalities she has to complete with the HR. Asmita informs Maya she will start editing Abhimanyu’s book today itself. She then informs Maya about her mother’s health condition and requests her to let her meet her mother any time when she is in need. Maya agrees. Peter shows Maya the tweet about Rumour Ramola’s. Maya shouts at her employees and questions who is leaking their company information.

Peter thinks because of this tweet Paper Ink is trending so it’s benefits them only so asks the employees to return to work. Abhimanyu and Asmita bumps into each other. Maya informs Abhimanyu about Asmita agreed to edit his book so rejoining. Abhimanyu tells he will change Asmita’s perspective for sure. Asmita also tells Abhimanyu that she returned to settle the old scores. She then receives a message from Rizwan. She replies that her blood is boiling seeing Abhimanyu and she wants to break his head. She then drops her phone but Abhimanyu catches it on time. Asmita gets worried and looks on.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 18th February 2023 Written Update: Rizwan provokes Asmita against Abhimanyu