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The episode starts with Asmita tells Abhimanyu they won’t have any other date even she came to this date to not to hurt his ego. Abhimanyu chases her. They both falls to the ground. The masked men watches this far. Abhimanyu tries to kiss Asmita but the latter stops him and teases him the reason behind trying to kiss her. Abhimanyu tries to leave but Asmita allows to kiss him. They both kiss each other. On their way back home, Abhimanyu and Asmita gets stopped seeing a vehicle infront of them. Abhimanyu goes to remove it but someone hits him using a glass bottle. Asmita gets shocked then rushes to save Abhimanyu while Abhimanyu struggles to stay stable. The masked men beats up Abhimanyu by accusing him for Arya’s death. Asmita hits the masked men. Abhimanyu uses the opportunity to fight back the masked men. The masked men runs away from there. Asmita takes Abhimanyu home to treat his wound. The doctor advises Abhimanyu to take rest then leaves.

Raman and Neeta arrives at Abhimanyu’s home. Neeta scolds Nannu for saying that Abhimanyu’s injury isn’t that bad after seeing Abhimanyu’s hand. Abhimanyu asks Neeta to relax saying he is fine. Raman inquires Abhimanyu about his health. Abhimanyu replies to him rudely. Asmita arrives there. Neeta learns she is the one who used to question Abhimanyu’s ability in his writing skills so glares at her after Asmita introduces herself. Asmita gets shocked and surprised finding Raman there. Raman asks her whether they met before. Asmita reminds him about the day she gave lift to him. She then decides to leave. While waiting for the lift Asmita wonders what Raman was doing with Bani the other day? Is he is also a writer like Abhimanyu also if he is the one who gave Abhimanyu her favourite boom also wonders why Abhimanyu is behaving with his father in a rude manner. She then realises that she left her phone in Abhimanyu’s house so goes to take it. She hears the conversation between Abhimanyu and Raman and learns that Raman is Maulik also he is none other than Abhimanyu’s father. She takes her phone then leaves. Neeta and Raman also leaves the house. Later at night, Asmita becomes restless wondering why did Abhimanyu hide it from her about his father’s identity also instead of learning from Raman why Abhimanyu is behaving this way towards him. She decides to ask this to Abhimanyu some other day. Meera sees the masked men who attacked Abhimanyu. She realises that the men used to comes to visit Arya so follows him to find out who he is.

The next day Asmita gets surprised seeing Shauvik at her doorstep. Shauvik tells her he is here to collect his ipad which was with grandma. Asmita tells both Shailaja and her grandmother isn’t in home but invites him inside. Shauvik takes his ipad. He then decides to leave but Asmita asks him to have a chat with her. She then reveals to Shauvik that she went on a date with Abhimanyu the previous day also apologises to him for lying to him. Shauvik tells Asmita that they both aren’t in a relationship so she don’t have to apologise to him. He then requests Asmita to be his friend forever and cut him off completely from her life. Asmita agrees to be Shauvik’s friend. Shauvik asks Asmita how her date with Abhimanyu went. Asmita smiles and says it was good. She further tells him about a guy in hoodie attacked Abhimanyu also accused him of the reason behind Arya’s suicide. Shauvik says to Asmita that the way someone accusing Abhimanyu for Arya’s death without him proven guilty in the court isn’t right which surprises Asmita. He explains he was jealous so he talked bad about Abhimanyu when they were in a relationship. He then receives a call from someone and gets tensed. He leaves saying he has an important work to do. Here, Anirbhan tries to convince Rizwan to focus on his book instead of the anonymous blackmailer but Rizwan gets determined to find who it is. Anirbhan gets worried. The masked men enters the details in the laptop while sitting in a dark room.

The episode ends.

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