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The episode starts with Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she is an editor and talks about her journey with books. Abhimanyu stops her and questions her sudden interest to work with him that too this much in a day. He also asks her to have patience. And tells today’s training in which what Asmita learned is to have patience. Asmita gets annoyed. Abhimanyu then says Asmita is interested to get to know about his next book concept so questions Asmita which book of his she liked the most as he gave her to read. Asmita gets shocked and worried because Abhimanyu may caught her in her lies. She wonders how to escape from this situation. Just then Dev arrives and informs them about Aaliya’s birthday celebration. Using that opportunity Asmita leaves the place. Abhimanyu also joins the birthday celebration of Aaliya’s along with other employees.

Dev’s attempt to lead Asmita accidentally smashes a cake piece on Abhimanyu’s face which shocks everyone. Abhimanyu applies the cream on Asmita’s face which brings a smile on everyone’s face. Asmita attempts to apply cream on Abhimanyu but Peter intervenes and asks the other worker’s to continue their work. They all resumes their work. Aaliya gets annoyed by Dev’s choice of birthday gift for her. Meanwhile Abhimanyu and Asmita crosses path. Asmita inquires Abhimanyu about his new book concept. Abhimanyu reminds her she didn’t answered his questions yet. Asmita receives a message from Rizwan to meet him immediately as his patience level is running out. Abhimanyu tells Asmita their today’s training session is over so they can meet the next day then leaves.

Here, Shailaja and Asmita’s grandmother argues who will taste the food cooked by Asmita. Asmita’s grandmother tastes it and realises it’s not tasty so her and Shailaja decides to cook similar food to hide Asmita isn’t good at cooking from Asmita. Meanwhile Asmita and Abhimanyu are on their way in their respective cars. Abhimanyu recalls his today’s interaction with Asmita then sends her a voice message. Asmita gets shocked and surprised when Abhimanyu tells her through voice message Asmita indeed received a reward for the task given to her today and tells the concept of his book is about an 18year old boy falling in love with 35years old woman. Asmita looks on with determination.

Later Asmita meets Rizwan in the restaurant. Rizwan tells her the latter made him wait for the concept for a very long and urges her to tell him about Abhimanyu’s next story concept. Asmita gives Inspirations and Idea’s book to Rizwan and asks him to read and create a book in his own idea and not to try to steal other’s books ideas. Rizwan gets furious and says to Asmita that she betrayed him also questions her loyalty. Asmita warns Rizwan to not to question her loyalty when she clearly told him that she won’t help him to cheat Abhimanyu. The FB shows Asmita declining Rizwan’s proposal many times and firmly says she won’t work under him and cheat Abhimanyu. The FB ends. Asmita tells Rizwan it’s not her mistake if he fails to understand when she told him No. She also insults him saying Abhimanyu is far better than him also whatever Abhimanyu told him about Rizwan is true. She further advices Rizwan to write his own story.

Rizwan shouts at Asmita and calls her manipulative one as she used him and reminds her his help with Shailaja’s medical bills. Asmita tells him she clearly told the doctor that she don’t want his help. The FB shows Asmita telling the doctor she will arrange the entire money as she waiting for her mediclaim. Then Maya meets Asmita and the latter thanks her for helping her on time with the insurance. The FB ends. Asmita tells Rizwan and Abhimanyu are same. Just because they are famous and rich doesn’t mean they can get whatever they want but she told him clearly No. Rizwan threatens Asmita. Asmita shouts at him which catches people’s attention in the restaurant. Rizwan gets tensed. Asmita leaves angrily.

Maya calls Abhimanyu and asks him to send the concept note of his new story so that they can work with her marketing team. Peter sends Abhimanyu his part of payment. Abhimanyu sees it then praises Maya for her persuasion also assures her she will get the concept book within 24 hours. Maya gets surprised and shocked. Peter says it’s too easy to get their work done by a happy Abhimanyu. Maya realises her phone is dead so she calls Dev who is crossing her room to use his phone to call Asmita. Other side both Shailaja and Asmita’s grandmother hides Asmita the food she cooked isn’t good and pretends it’s tasty. Asmita suggests to make coffee for them which worries Shailaja and her mother in law. Maya contacts Asmita through Dev’s phone and asks her to start working Abhimanyu’s book immediately as he will send the concept note.

Asmita shares her worry with Maya to work under Abhimanyu as he don’t work with an editor. Maya advices her to focus on her work and do it for Paper Ink. Asmita obliges. Maya scolds Dev for keeping Dolls in his phone like a girl kid then leaves returning the phone to him. Dev tells Maya one of his friends must be pulled this prank on him. Abhimanyu focuses on working in his story. He recalls Asmita’s words about her favorite book which happened to be his father Raman. He then gets determined to make sure Asmita recalls him and his books which concept is love with his writing then looks on with determination.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu struggles to write his new story