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The episode starts with Abhimanyu’s idea will shock both Asmita and Abhimanyu when he says KISS and says Keep It Simple and Stupid. He then says that he wants Asmita as his editor or else he will change the publishing house. Maya asks Abhimanyu to not to blackmail her. Abhimanyu reminds her back then she used to threaten Asmita to become his editor. Maya says it’s because he pressurized her. Abhimanyu asks her to think this time also he is doing the same and he wants Asmita to be his writer that’s it. He then asks Asmita to go with him to discuss about the edited chapter then leaves. Maya shouts at Asmita for Abhimanyu blackmailing her and threatens not to spare her. Asmita gets upset and apologises to Maya.

Here, Rizwan is busy working in a restaurant. He receives call from Anirbhan so he informs him about working for his book. Shauvik arrives at the same restaurant. Rizwan notices Shauvik mobile screen is Asmita’s photo so he goes to him and says he have seen him somewhere and asks him that he is the one who Asmita’s ex boyfriend right? Shauvik mocks at Rizwan that saying he must be the whose book is sold in a highest rest which they all knows how. Rizwan smiles and asks Shauvik to not to spew his hatred on him because it’s Asmita who broke up with him and chose a bad guy Abhimanyu. He further calls Asmita an opportunist. Shauvik warns him not to speak against Rizwan but the latter continuously talks bad about Asmita so Shauvik punches him shocking Rizwan. He also warns Rizwan that he is capable of doing more than punch someone so asks him be aware then leaves.

Abhimanyu sees Asmita isn’t even looking at him so asks her is this how it’s going to continue. Asmita tells him that Maya is upset with her and her colleagues are treating her indifferently after their truth comes out. She also worries that these controversies may affect his book. Abhimanyu calls her cute then assures her these controversies giving him enough publicity also fans must be more curious about this book so so far his book won’t get affect. He then confess Asmita his love for her. Asmita asks him how he is sure it’s love? Abhimanyu tells her how he can’t even able to function without her being around him and he always craving her presence. Asmita smiles when Abhimanyu says that people will definitely try to find their love story in his book. Abhimanyu asks Asmita to go back home or else threatens to kiss her. Asmita agrees to go home then leaves.

Peter informs Maya that his friend is in vacation so it will take 2 or 3 days to solve the issue. Maya gets worried and says they can’t take risk because if this truth comes out everything will get ruined and pleads him to help her. Peter agrees to do something but demands her to tell her the truth. Maya admits her it’s her who is Rumour Ramola. Peter asks her how could she do this also hide all of this from him. Maya defends herself saying whatever she has done is to survive in this publishing world as she felt trapped and don’t have any other option. She also tells him how she thought her tweets will scare the industry people and they start treating them with respect which they deserves the most. She also admits using this only she tried to pressurise both Abhimanyu and Asmita in the beginning. She also adds that she is afraid to lose her business also Peter. Peter asks her why did she leaked internal informations like Abhimanyu’s chapter and all which can bring harm to them only. Maya swears she neither leaked Abhimanyu’s chapter nor the CCTV footage. It must be the hacker and pleads Peter to save her from this mess. Peter tells Maya that she was always this perfect person who handled all the situation on her own which never allowed him to help her but this time he will help her as she asked him. Meanwhile Abhimanyu tells Asmita that Arya’s mysterious boyfriend will definitely switches on the phone then sends a message to that number. Someone in the hoodie looks at the phone receiving new notification.

The episode ends.

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