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The episode starts with Abhimanyu tells Asmita they aren’t friends to gossip and orders her to read chapter number 10 to learn about the girl how she fall in love. He also snatches her phone saying no distractions. Asmita gets annoyed. She then starts reading the book aloud. Abhimanyu questions her and Shauvik’s love for one another because the way she is reading the chapter. Asmita defends her and Shauvik’s love for one another also they are romantic couple too. Abhimanyu advices her to think that book as her lover and make love with it. Asmita obliges.

Other side Peter arrives home and asks her to resume her work in Paper Ink from the next day itself. Maya refuses saying she will take care of their daughter Pari first as she needed them most. Peter tells her that Paper Ink needed her now. There is so many pending works left to do. Maya taunts him for his change in behavior also asks him to accept without her Peter can’t handle anything. Peter refuses which leads a huge argument between them. Peter then goes inside. Maya looks annoyed.

In the office, Asmita pleads with Abhimanyu they can continue their session tomorrow but the latter refuses saying until he says done she should continue it. Asmita tells him reading his book made her feel every emotion a little too much so she needs a break. Just then she receives a call from Shailaja which she answers it eagerly. She says Shailaja that she knows the latter must have forget to take medicine so she will arrive home immediately.

Shailaja reminds her about the alarm she put it in her phone and asks Asmita to return home after completing her work because she and her grandmother is perfectly fine. Asmita gets upset. Abhimanyu smirks. Asmita resumes her reading. The staff’s leave the office. Asmita once again try to convinnce Abhimanyu to let her return home but Abhimanyu remains stubborn. The worker cleans the office and switches off all the light. Asmita uses this as an opportunity and tells Abhimanyu in this dark she can’t read his book so there is no use of them staying back in the office though.

Abhimanyu takes her to to the office terrace. Shauvik video calls Asmita and tells her he miss having dinner with her and inquires whether she had her dinner yet. Asmita hesitates to answer. She then tells Shauvik she will call him after she reaches home then disconnects the call. Abhimanyu sees her with a smile on his face when Asmita struggles to speak. He then starts laughing at her. Asmita also smiles but soon realises Abhimanyu is laughing at her in a mockery way and gets angry.

Asmita questions Abhimanyu the reason behind him laughing at her. Abhimanyu asks her what Asmita and Shauvik had is what she thinks as a romantic conversation? He further adds that it’s called teenage romance in which only the couple ask whether their partner had proper food or not. For this kind of love people started making memes in social media site though. Asmita gets furious and tells him everyone have their own perspective about love and romance which can differ.

Abhimanyu refuses and tells that the love is something which can be most unpredictable sometimes and so romance. Asmita tells love and romance should be stable and uncomplicated. Abhimanyu tells then the love become stale which should be thrown out and gets closer to Asmita. Asmita closes her eyes. Abhimanyu questions her why she is scared of passion this much then tells her what true love and how it feels. He then says their meeting is over and asks to come to office the next day completing her homework then leaves.

Later Abhimanyu finds Nannu at his bedroom door with food and tells him he don’t want food but Nannu tells him about Neeta’s order. Abhimanyu sends Nannu out of his room then starts working on his book. Here Asmita complains to herself about Abhimanyu. She then starts reading his book. She dreams about her and Abhimanyu romancing with one another. She wakes up startled when her alarm goes off. She criticizes herself about Abhimanyu’s books romance. Abhimanyu receives a call from a lady who arrives at his house. Abhimanyu smirks and opens the door for her to enter his house and calls her Queenie Bakshi. Bakshi goes inside his house. Abhimanyu looks on with a smile.

The episode ends.