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The episode starts with Peter asks Maya why Abhimanyu not giving his reply yet. What’s her thought about this. Maya says she is sure Abhimanyu will sign the contract with them. Peter says they can’t just hope that Abhimanyu will sign the contract with them and they have to do something to persuade him. Maya tells Peter that she will make sure Abhimanyu sign the contract with Paper Ink. Just then Abhimanyu arrives there. He tells he made a decision. Maya says good and about to call the legal team but Abhimanyu stops her and asks to call Asmita here. Maya and Peter gets confused but Peter calls Asmita eventually. Asmita comes to the cabin.

Abhimanyu says that he will sign the contract with then only if Asmita become his book editor which shocks Asmita Maya and Peter. Maya reminds Abhimanyu their earlier conversation that after their fiction editor Shalini returns office Asmita will leave because the latter is a literature editor. Abhimanyu tells them the only way to sign the contract is they have to agree to his condition then leaves. Asmita gets shocked and recalls whatever happened with Abhimanyu. Maya asks Asmita what she done because of which Abhimanyu is upset. Asmita asks her to trust her all she did was went to apologise to him for coming late to the meeting. Maya scolds Asmita.

Abhimanyu reaches the Fresh Print office which is Paper Ink’s rival company. He takes a photo of him and posts it saying it will add a fuel to the already burning fire and smirks. Asmita in her house recalls Abhimanyu’s condition and gets upset. She then checks his social media site and gets upset seeing full of cheesy posts and asks God how did she get trapped in this. Abhimanyu sees the bouquet of his fan requesting post a photo of the bouquet with him so that she understands that her bouquet reached him also her exams starts from tomorrow.

Abhimanyu puts a video message to the fan to send his signed book if she passes her exam in good scores also wishes her luck. Asmita who sees the video gets upset and annoyed. Just then her mother arrives there asking to write a essay for their neighbor’s daughter whose mother is making pakoras for her in return. Asmita gets annoyed and tells her mother she isn’t a writer but an editor also why today all are demanding unusual things from her. Chauvi who arrives there tries to get Asmita’s attention but Asmita goes inside. Her mother wonders what happened. Chauvi assures to check Asmita and asks not to worry.

Abhimanyu goes to his place where he starts making salad on his own while playing his favorite song in the background and ignoring Maya’s messages. Other side Peter asks Maya about their daughter Pari. Maya informs him Pari is asleep now after hearing three stories and now she is running out of ideas so asks him to put Pari to sleep the next day.

Peter taunts her saying if they fails to sign the contract with Abhimanyu then they have to shut down Paper Ink forever so she will have much time to tell stories to Pari. Maya gets upset and asks Peter to be not to be so rude and says she is trying to contact Abhimanyu but he isn’t answering the calls nor replying to her messages. If she don’t get any reply then she will visit him directly and do anything to convince him as she can’t afford losing Paper Ink.

Meanwhile Asmita expresses her dislikes for an egoistic male to Chauvi. Chauvi apologises to her for making her upset and says he would never repeat it if she tells him what it was. Asmita calla him cute and says her rant has nothing to do with him. She then agrees to go to have an icecream with him. Maya gets shocked seeing the message in the office group shared from Rumors Ramola site. The site talks about Abhimanyu visiting Fresh Print office. Maya gets determined to do anything to convince Abhimanyu to sign the contract with them.

Chauvi informs Asmita about her mobile is constantly ringing in her absence. Asmita gets shocked seeing the message shared in the group. She apologises to Chauvi they can’t go for an icecream date as she may receive important work related calls. Chauvi leaves. Other side Abhimanyu smirks seeing the tweets and other social media sites talking about his meeting with both Paper Ink and Fresh Print. Shalini scolds Asmita and asks her what she did with Abhimanyu which upset him the most that he agrees to meet Fresh Print. Asmita tells her everything and says to take revenge from her Abhimanyu is doing all this.

Shalini warns the consequences to Asmita and the latter gets worried about Maya’s reaction and wonders what to do. Shalini says she has an idea. Abhimanyu receives a message from Asmita but he pretends to not to remember her. Asmita gets annoyed but reminds him they met in Paper Ink. Abhimanyu taunts her. Asmita pleads with him to meet her as she wants to apologise to him. Abhimanyu agrees and tells her that he is a busy man so when he gets a free time between the said time he will meet her in a Cafe. Asmita agrees. Abhimanyu smirks.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 26th January 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu and Asmita’s story begins