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The episode starts with Abhimanyu agrees with Asmita to go to police station to inform whatever they found out. But asks her to do it the next day. Asmita obliges. They both gets shocked when a speedy car approaches them. Shauvik comes out of it which shocks both Abhimanyu and Asmita. Asmita asks Shauvik what is he doing here. Shauvik hugs her and asks if she is fine. Asmita assures she is fine. Shauvik asks Abhimanyu whether he is fine or not. Abhimanyu gets furious but nods he is fine. Shauvik acts and tells Asmita after learning that she is going to meet the pyscho he was worried so he came here. Asmita tells him it’s not needed. Abhimanyu watches Shauvik intently. Shauvik asks both Asmita and Abhimanyu whether they have caught the guy or not? Abhimanyu interrupts whatever Asmita is going to say and tells that they have seen him and he is infront of them only. Asmita gets confused. Shauvik tells Abhimanyu he isn’t understanding what he is saying. He then tells Asmita to take his help when she needs. Asmita tells Abhimanyu that the guy recognised them both so they can involve Shauvik in their plan to catch that guy. Abhimanyu says if they need Shauvik’s help in future they can take it but now they can leave. Shauvik suggests to take Asmita home but Abhimanyu refuses saying she is his responsibility. Shauvik forces a smile then leaves. Abhimanyu questions Asmita for telling everything to Shauvik but the latter assures Abhimanyu that they can trust Shauvik as she always trust him.

Here, Shauvik puts the fire on the secret phone through which he used to contact Arya and says now Asmita can’t able to reachout to him at all. He then hears Asmita calling his name and entering his room and gets shocked. Asmita questions him for following her. She then grows suspicious and asks he is the hoodie guy who attacked Abhimanyu the other day also leaked the Abhimanyu’s chapter. She also gets shocked seeing the burning phone and demands an answer. Shauvik tells Asmita that whatever he is doing is to protect her from falling for a wrong guy. He agreed to let her to do what she wants eventhough he don’t like it but the day he saw Asmita kissing Abhimanyu his world crumbled down. He can’t let this happen so he has done all the things to remove both Abhimanyu and Paper Ink from her life. He also tells her finding out Arya helping Rizwan so he blackmailed her. Also when he hacked Maya’s laptop he learned Maya is Rumour Ramola. Asmita gets shocked. She then slaps Shauvik and tries to push past him but fails so she raises her hand again but Shauvik holds her’s and says Asmi. Shauvik then realises he just dreamed about the outcome nothing else.

Abhimanyu is busy doing exercise. Queenie visits him and reminds him they used to meet on the same day. Abhimanyu tells her that he already told that he don’t want to continue that then why she is here. Queenie asks is this because of Asmita which Abhimanyu refuses to reply and demands her to leave his house immediately. Queenie taunts him then asks him to have breakfast with her. Abhimanyu gives her 15 minutes time. Meanwhile Asmita decides to go to police station but receives a call from Maya asking her to attend the meeting with the marketing team immediately. Asmita fails to convince Maya so she decides to go to police station after the meeting. Later, Asmita reaches Abhimanyu’s house and decides to go to his room. Nannu realises that Abhimanyu is with Queenie so he distracts Asmita. He then goes to make tea for her. In the room Abhimanyu questions Queenie for wearing his shirt and then asks her to leave immediately as she is being here for more than 30mins. Asmita thinks she is Abhimanyu’s girlfriend so decides to go to his room. She gets shocked seeing Queenie in Abhimanyu’s room and questions. Abhimanyu becomes helpless. Queenie puts her hand on Abhimanyu and tells her name is Q and whoever is close with her the Abhimanyu is will call her Queenie and smirks at Asmita.

The episode ends.

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