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The episode starts with Asmita gets irked seeing Queenie’s behaviour. Abhimanyu tells it’s his old friend and now she is leaving. Queenie gets annoyed but she tells Asmita that Abhimanyu told her about a lot then leaves. Asmita asks Abhimanyu who she is and why she is wearing his shirt. Abhimanyu says Queenie dropped coffee in her dress so she used his shirt. Asmita asks him what she is doing in his bedroom when he was alone. Abhimanyu asks her why he feels like an interrogation then sits on a nearby chair. Asmita gets upset so she leaves the place. On her way to outside she talks to herself how stupid she is that even after knowing Abhimanyu is a player she is dating him and expecting him to be loyal. She then hurts herself so takes nearby a bench. A old man advices her to sort out whatever the problem by talking to that person. Asmita returns to Abhimanyu’s place and questions him why he didn’t stopped her. Abhimanyu tells her he feels freedom is more important in a relationship which he gives it to his partner and he expects the same from his partner too. Asmita apologises to him for over reacting.

Asmita asks Abhimanyu whether she is also same like his previous girlfriend’s? Abhimanyu tells her that she is special and he loves her. Asmita also says she loves him. They both gets romantic. Later, Abhimanyu asks her whether she handed over Arya’s phone to the police. Asmita tells she had to attend an important meeting so she is yet to go to police station. Abhimanyu asks her to take care of herself and expresses his worries for her. Asmita assures him. She then returns home and gets shocked finding the door is unlocked also some moments in her room. She further gets stunned seeing Shauvik in her room. She questions him and Shauvik lies to her that he is here to take his air pod from her. Asmita gives it back to him. She further asks how did he entered her house. Shauvik says he saw Shailaja and grandma. He then apologises to Asmita saying that they have no relationship neither he has any place in her life and tries to guilt trip her. Asmita tells him it’s not like that and he will be always in her life. Shauvik pretends to be upset then leaves.

Meera comes to meet Asmita but gets shocked seeing Shauvik there so she hides herself. Asmita sees Meera and asks what she is doing here and why she looks scared. Meera inquires Asmita about Shauvik then confirms with Asmita that she didn’t disclosed her name to police then leaves. The next day Shailaja asks Asmita about her relationship with Abhimanyu. Asmita tells that they both love eachother. It’s too early for Abhimanyu so they aren’t thinking about wedding and children but they will eventually. Shailaja gets worried but Asmita’s grandmother advices her to focus on Asmita’s happiness which is more important for them. Asmita then leaves. Asmita takes Abhimanyu somewhere but refuses to tell him where and gives him directions. They comes to the mall. Abhimanyu complains about malls and says he will shop online and he isn’t comfortable in malls. Asmita tells him they are going to buy a gift for a special someone. Abhimanyu gets confused and tries to learn for who Asmita wants to buy gifts. Asmita tells him, they are going to buy gift for Raman as his birthday is arriving. Abhimanyu becomes speechless.

The episode ends.

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