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The episode starts with Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she learnt from social media and if he buy something then Raman will be happy. Abhimanyu says that he already told her not to interfere in this. Asmita says she isn’t interfering in this. All she was trying is that they never give enough credit to them but holds grudges for their known or unknown mistakes. She also adds that she regrets not expressing her love for her father who is no more in this world. Abhimanyu gets convinced and agrees to buy a gift for Raman for his birthday. Here, Maya speaks with someone on the call related to the book launch. Peter arrives there and informs her they are unable to locate the hacker.

Maya gets worried. Peter calms her down saying they will make sure no one knows what’s happening. Maya tells they have no other option than to hide it. Peter agrees with her saying both personal life and business is at stake. He then pleads Maya to give another chance to their marriage life. Maya tells him it’s not easy for her as he cheated on her but they will think and discuss about it after the book launch because it’s what most important now. Peter obliges.

Asmita suggests Abhimanyu to exchange the gift watch and buy a pen because Raman is a writer. Abhimanyu refuses saying this is what he is going to give and adds that nothing will change in their relationship. He then asks Abhimanyu between Raman and him who is the better writer. Asmita tells him it’s because of Raman’s books she entered in this book world and whenever she read his books she gets different perspective but then again Abhimanyu’s books given her different emotions to feel. Abhimanyu gets upset so Asmita points out him the same. Abhimanyu then decides to take Asmita to meet Raman which makes the latter happy. But he warns Asmita about Raman who is totally different from what he looks like.

Asmita thanks Abhimanyu. Here, Shauvik meets Meera who blackmails him saying that she knows well he was the one who had a connection with Arya and Asmita is searching for him. In order to keep her mouth demands 20 lakhs from him saying if he fails then she will reveal his truth to both police and Asmita. Shauvik gets irked but controls his anger. He asks her to give him some time to arrange money also warns her about the consequences she has to face if she tells anyone the truth.

Here, Abhimanyu and Asmita comes to Asmita’s society. Abhimanyu plays with the kids football then complains about them being reckless. Asmita questions him what he will do if he have kids of his own. Abhimanyu tells her that he will be a worst father so he don’t want kids atleast not in the next ten years. Asmita gets taken aback and says to him that she wants kids and have to wait for 10 years is a too much time. Abhimanyu gets confused and tells her to have kids with whoever she wants but not with him. Asmita gets shocked and questions him do he think she is the girls who used to be in his life? Abhimanyu denies saying he loves her then tells his perspective about marriage which is nothing but snatch our own freedom and he don’t think those kind of commitment is meant for him atleast not in the near future.

Asmita lashes out at him for giving her false hope by acting she is special for him then adds that she isn’t like other girls in his life then goes inside. Abhimanyu stares at her retreating back with teary eyes. After returning home, Asmita cries hard and calls her stupid thinking that she changed someone like Abhimanyu but she is wrong then looks on with teary eyes.

The episode ends.

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