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The episode starts with Abhimanyu shouts at Maya from humiliating him with an interview. Maya pleads Abhimanyu to calm down saying she isn’t aware about how Rizwan learned about it. Abhimanyu tells he don’t care at all but he wants to get fixed.

Asmita arrives there and asks Abhimanyu even after he knows Rizwan well in all these years he is planning to give up and accept defeat? Rizwan is using his cheap tricks but why he is giving importance to him this much. Maya gets shocked and requests Asmita to not to talk to Abhimanyu like this. Abhimanyu glares at Asmita. Later Maya resumes the live session but Abhimanyu arrives there with Asmita so Maya invites them both to be part of the live session. Fans recognizes Asmita so questions her about her fights with Abhimanyu also the reason behind it. Asmita struggles to answer but Abhimanyu saves her by answering they had creative differences which happens and it’s completely normal. Asmita tells she and Paper Ink is happy to work with Abhimanyu. The viewers increases making Maya and Peter happy. One of the fan questions whether both Asmita and Abhimanyu is dating together? Asmita struggles while Abhimanyu holds her hand in a loving way then smirks.

Asmita forces a smile and takes back her hand then tells they aren’t dating. Abhimanyu says he is in relationship with his book’s female character’s whereas Asmita is in a boring relationship. Asmita gets angry. Shauvik plays around by sending love messages in the live session making Asmita feel helpless but again Abhimanyu saves Asmita. Other side Bani realises their views are decreasing so informs the same to Rizwan and Sumbul. Sumbul questions Rizwan about his relationship status also who he is in a relationship with. Rizwan says he is in a relationship but refuses to tell who he is with. Anirbhan gets upset and angry.

Neeta tells Raman about Bani’s call. Raman suspects Bani’s intentions saying his books aren’t available in store now. Neeta convinces him to talk to Bani. Raman obliges. Asmita thanks Abhimanyu for supporting her throughout the live session. Abhimanyu takes a dig at her relationship which angers Asmita so the latter scolds him. Abhimanyu asks her feedback about his first chapter. Asmita tells she is still working on it so will send the feedback by night then leaves the place.

Bani gets upset hearing the live session results. She then receives a call from Raman. She lies to him that she loved his City Of Lakes book also unable to contact him because he used his pen name Maulik. She then requests Raman to meet her in person. Raman agrees. Neeta expresses her happiness and decides to inform Abhimanyu but Raman stops her saying after he met Bani they can discuss about this. Bani smirks and says Abhimanyu is going to get shocked after learning she is going to relaunch his father.

Anirbhan questions Rizwan for not disclosing his relationship details to the fans and expresses his anger. Rizwan tells him he can’t risk his career and firmly states Anirbhan to not to bring this topic again then leaves. Anirbhan gets angry. Asmita works on Abhimanyu’s book. Abhimanyu continously messages her about the feedback then calls her. After completing the work Asmita sends a message to Abhimanyu that she is sending her feedback. Abhimanyu demands her to meet him. Asmita tried convincing Abhimanyu to meet the next day but Abhimanyu remains stubborn so she agrees to meet him.

She then receives a call from Shauvik who tells her that he is here for few hours after that he have to go to Hyderabad for an important meeting. Asmita gets upset when Shauvik tells her they can meet after he returns here. Abhimanyu is on his way to meet Asmita but the latter sends him a message she is going to meet her boyfriend Shauvik who is here after longtime saying she is postponing their meeting. He gets furious and speeds up the car. Asmita meets Shauvik and expresses her happiness. Abhimanyu continously calls her but Asmita refuses to answer him saying she would rather be bored than to talk to him. Other side Queenie Bakshi says to Abhimanyu that she is happy to see Asmita is controlling him. Abhimanyu tells he isn’t affected by any of this neither he won’t allow Asmita to control him. Whatever he is doing is to give a fitting reply to Asmita nothing more than that then looks on.

The episode ends.

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