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The episode starts with Asmita sees comments on social media site and gets upset. She then calls Abhimanyu and shouts at him for ruining her character. She refuses to believe anything that Abhimanyu said. Abhimanyu looks at the tweets and comments. Meanwhile Asmita shouts at him from the other end that they met officially but they had differences in order to take revenge from her she never thought he would stoop this low. What he did now is not right and for which she will never forgive him them throw her phone.

Abhimanyu tries to speak but the call gets disconnected. He drives away from there with determination. Bani’s assistant tells her that he already informed their team to simplify the books of Abhimanyu for her to read as per her order. Bani smirks and says Abhimanyu must be on his way so asks her assistant hurry up and give those simplified books of Abhimanyu so that she can impress him. She gets the simplifies version and goes through it. Just then Abhimanyu arrives there and scolds her for spreading rumours about him and Asmita also leaking his contract clause with Paper Ink. Bani acts and says she hasn’t done anything and it must be Maya. Abhimanyu calls Bani and spoilt and rude girl and says he knows leaking such information will benefit whom. Bani asks him to leave the matters and tells she is ready to give him more offers for him to sign the deal with Fresh Print. Abhimanyu refuses to sign.

Bani tells him she will even convince Asmita to join the office and she can be his editor. Because money is everything using it she will easily convince Asmita. Abhimanyu praises Asmita and tells Bani that Asmita will never leave Paper Ink to work with her. He further adds that he has no interest to work with Fresh Print. He also warns her not to spread any rumors then leaves the place. Bani’s assistant informs her Abhimanyu’s arch rival Rizwan is here and worried about their interaction with one another. Bani says that she don’t care anything because Abhimanyu refused to work with Fresh Print.

Abhimanyu and Rizwan walks past each other but they learns the other person. Rizwan taunts Abhimanyu and compares himself with Tom Cruise. Abhimanyu makes a joke out of his comments. They both gets into a verbal altercation and then part ways. Abhimanyu receives a call from Maya and agrees to meet her in the Cafe. Later both Maya and Peter pleads Abhimanyu to trust them it’s not them who is behind the rumours. Peter says they will find out the person who leaked the contract details and not spare him/her.

Abhimanyu asks both of them to relax as he knows it’s not them who done all this also asks them not get into in depth in this matter surprising Maya and Peter. Maya then asks Abhimanyu the reason behind him wanting Asmita as his editor and asks him is this because he wants to take revenge from her for what happened in the parking lot. Abhimanyu says it has nothing to do with that. Maya questions then why and says that Asmita is a literature editor and Shalini is popular fiction editor who can do this better than her. She further adds that Asmita already informed her that the latter had a conversation with him earlier and told her decision to not to work under him. Just then few fans of Abhimanyu who is celebrating birthday waves at him.

Abhimanyu acknowledges them. He then says to Maya and Peter that he wants Asmita to edit a book who never had any experiences in such to know it’s outcome. Maya says it may not work on his favor. If anything such happens what he will do. Abhimanyu explains his perspective. Peter likes it. Abhimanyu says he have an idea to convince Asmita. The fans calls out him so he goes there and takes photos with them. Maya forces a smile.

Asmita comes to the office earlier and wonders the reason behind Maya calling her this early. She meets Maya and the latter reveals Asmita about her conversation with Abhimanyu. She tells his perspective of choosing her as his editor. He wants to give a chance and if the outcome doesn’t satisfy then Shalini will become Abhimanyu’s book editor. Asmita says to Maya to not to fall into Abhimanyu’s words as she knows well he is doing all this to take revenge from her.

She also adds that she has no desire to work under him. Maya tells her that she isn’t asking her opinion but ordering her to do the work she has assigned for her. She further says to Asmita that she may have liked her works but now Paper Ink needs Abhimanyu more so she has to agree or else she won’t hesitate to fire her then asks her to leave. Asmita gets shocked then leaves. Peter arrives there and tells Maya that they have to hurry up the process to let Abhimanyu sign a contract with them. Maya tells him her plan to conduct a launch party.

Peter likes the idea and approves it. The interns teases Asmita and the latter scolds and warns them. Asmita receives a video call from Shauvik. Shauvik questions her for being sad. Asmita tells him about Maya’s threat and expresses her disappointment towards Maya for not acknowledging her hard work and loyalty. Shauvik suggests her to return home and they can together find a solution. Asmita agrees. She then gets furious seeing the launch party invitation mail in her system then leaves the place.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 28th January 2023 Written Update: Asmita faces Maya’s wrath