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The episode starts with Asmita answering the call saying she don’t want to talk to him anymore. Abhimanyu pleads with her to listen to him. Asmita tells that he is already clear that he don’t want a relationship so there is nothing to talk about. Abhimanyu pleads her to listen to him. He says that he loves her and don’t she thinks love is enough for them. Why have to marry one another. Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she never told they have to marry eachother right away but in future which he isn’t ready at all but she wants a commitment and family. Both of their perspective about love is totally different so what’s the need to have this conversation. Abhimanyu tells her, he will be with her forever without marrying her why she isn’t understanding this. Asmita gets hurt and says she don’t want to talk to him anymore then disconnects the line. Both Abhimanyu and Asmita gets sad.

Here, Rizwan on his way from jogging meets a shopkeeper who tells him that Anirbhan used to buy newspaper from him but he isn’t coming here anymore which is a huge loss for him so requests him to let Anirbhan know the same and make him buy newspapers again. Rizwan grows suspicious recalling the blackmail notes so he goes and checks Anirbhan’s room. He gets relieved when he don’t find any newspaper so gets relieved and tells Anirbhan will never hurt him. Here, Shauvik confirms with someone on the call the key which he took it from Abhimanyu without his knowledge is made and agrees to collect it. He then receives a call from Shalini who excitedly informs him about Asmita-Abhimanyu’s breakup. Shauvik gets happy but not shows it but praises Shalini for being a good friend to Asmita who always want good things for her. Shalini tells him, he and Asmita is meant to be and smiles. Rizwan checks the drawer in Anirbhan’s room and finds out it’s Anirbhan who blackmailed him and gets confused and hurt.

Later, Shauvik meets Asmita and inquires her about her well being. He then informs her about meeting Abhimanyu the other day also pretends how he misunderstood Abhimanyu in the beginning which he regrets because Abhimanyu is a good person. Asmita gets sad recalling Abhimanyu’s outburst about marriage topic. She tells Shauvik it’s not him but she was wrong about Abhimanyu. She further tells him they aren’t together. Shauvik acts iike he is shocked then advices Asmita to give Abhimanyu a chance because their relationship is new so they both needs time to understand eachother better. Asmita calls Shauvik a sweet person and asks why he is doing all this. Shauvik tells her that he loves her and always wanted to see her happy. Asmita sadly smiles at him.

Abhimanyu have alcohol and says the only one who understands him well is the alcohol one. Q arrives there and tells he is right that she understands him well. She also tells him that Asmita isn’t his type and they both are totally different. So asks him to move on for his betterment and tries to get closer to him but Abhimanyu pushes her away saying he needs Asmita then decides to meet her immediately and leaves. Q gets shocked. Shauvik asks someone on the call to have patience. Abhimanyu’s call malfunctions on his way to meet Asmita which frustrates him. Rizwan vents out his frustration about Anirbhan’s betrayal. He then sees Abhimanyu on the road so decides to snatch his happiness because he is unhappy. He meets Abhimanyu and mocks at him. Abhimanyu insults him also shows his hatred for him for using Arya for his dirty works. Rizwan laughs and says it’s not Arya but his girlfriend who used to send him, his chapter which Abhimanyu refuses to believe and punch him. Rizwan shows him the chat he had with Asmita back then then mocks at him by suggesting him to confront his honest girlfriend then leaves. Abhimanyu gets shocked and hurt.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 30th March 2023 Written Update: Shauvik advises Abhimanyu